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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 171 - What Could Go Wrong[]

Sorsk (Former Outworlds System)
14th September, 3044

Everyone onboard the Star Lord Class Jumpship was surprised when the ships sensors detected low power radio signals from the third planet in the system. But at just over 7 days distance, it was just too far to investigate closer. They made no attempt to communicate with the planet. Major General David Mitchell made note that they would return at a later date to investigate further.

Onverwacht (Former Outworlds System)
3rd October 3044

The Seeker Class Dropship detached and headed for the second planet in the system just over 6 days away from the Nadir Jump Point. The five Lee's would detach and follow three days later.

5th October, 3044

Ships sensors identified the drive plume of a Dropship leaving one of the small moons and heading for the second planet. This changed everything and Major General Mitchell ordered the main force launched for the second planet. The massive Lee carrying the Marines and the 3328th Cavalry Regiment would leave the formation and head for the small moon when they were close enough.

9th October, 3044

Colonel Alfred Dortman, commander 1st SaRI Jump Infantry Regiment, watched the Vector VTOL depart the landing zone. It headed west towards the large settlement their orbits had identified. Onboard were only Adolfo and his three companions beside the VTOL crew. They would land, unload their passengers and then return to the landing zone to await word. They had abandoned the shuttle delivery on arrival due to the distance to the planet.

10th October, 3044

Adolfo slipped into the city under cover of darkness. Though it had been years since he had been here, he had grown up here and not much had changed. Silently and staying to the shadows, he finally reached the house he had grown up in. He listened below a window until he heard his mother voice. He softly tapped on the shutter over the window. It cracked open after a few minutes. "Mother, it is me Adolfo."

"Adolfo??" She asked in a loud whisper

"Shhhh, we must be quiet. Can I come in?" Adolfo whispered

"Of course. Come, be quick. It has been so long." His mother said and he heard the door unlatch and crack open. He quickly slipped inside. Hugs were exchanged, his sister had awakened and tears were shared at the reunion.

"You look so fit. Where have you been? Why for so long?" His mother asked

"Away. Off world. The General is dead. I serve in a new unit now. They treat me as equal. Freedom. But not much time. Tell me what has been happening." Adolfo replied

"You talk like the smart ones. It has been hard. Major Tashima is crueler than General. The took many young men, made them soldats, like you. They not happy. Been fights. Deads." His mother explained

"Those not happy. Do we know some?" Adolfo asked

His sister Juanita answered "Yes. Juan, Oscar, and others. Juan is home. On town duty, not in fields."

"Get him. Bring him back here quietly." Adolfo ordered

Across town, this was being repeated by the other three volunteers. By dawn, they had learned that two Battalions were already close to revolt. Only the Battlemechs stopped them from trying to openly revolt. Education while with SaRI had taught the once uneducated quite a lot in a few years. Adolfo and the others promised that soon, all would be free of the horrors they had known. Adolfo made the radio call and told Colonel Dortman what they had learned. This was relayed to Major General Mitchell by secure communications.

12th October, 3044

MiningMech (by Cromwell)

MM-1 MiningMech

Major Jenson Miller, commander SaRI Marine Battalion, boarded the shuttle along with his marines. Three shuttles launched for the small moon where they had identified a small domed settlement. As they closed, they could see the large open pit mines and several mining mechs. Once they landed, it took them two hours to carefully close on and safely breach one of the various airlocks into the domed town. Five hours later, they declared the moon secure when they learned that there were no guards at all, the small moon was more a prison for those deemed too unruly for the surface.

13th October

"This is Major General David Mitchell of Search and Recovery Inc. We are currently in orbit and call on the forces of General Jaws to surrender now. You have no hope of escape nor of victory. You have one hour to respond to this message." Major General Mitchell turned to the comm tech "That go out on all channels?"

"Every single one, Sir. In the clear on all frequency's. We are already picking up scattered radio calls asking what to do."

Samurai Aerospace Fighter

Samurai Aerospace Fighter

"Very well. Colonel Noble, take your birds down into the atmosphere and sweep the skies clear. We begin our landing in one hour."

Lieutenant Colonel Franklin Noble in his SL-26 Samurai Fighter led two squadrons of RPR-101 Rapier Heavy Aerospace Fighters down into the atmosphere leaving a squadron of Hellcat HCT-213R in orbit with the Dropships. They were closing on the settlement when radar picked up incoming fighters. "Sweep the skies clear. Nothing touches the Dropships."RPR-101

Rapier Aerospace Fighter (In Combat - IWM version)

Rapier Heavy Aerospace Fighter

It was not even a fair fight. The squadron of Inseki II conventional fighters were outnumbered and outclassed by the SaRI Aerospace fighters. Even when they managed to get on the tail of a SaRI fighter, it just kicked in the burners and sped away while another SaRI fighter shot them down. Soon they were circling over a grounded Jumbo Dropship making sure it knew that any attmept to lift would fail.

The landing went unopposed and their message was never answered by the pirates. Colonel James Woodall led the 200th Royal Light Horse in a rapid advance on the settlement while Colonel Gweneth Rolando moved her 4287th Infantry Regiment behind the 200th Royal. As they closed on the settlement, enemy Battlemechs began to appear.

"We have hostiles in sight. Count two Thunderbolt, two Archer, three Firestarter, two Locusts, two Spiders, and a Phoenix Hawk. Full company."

"Very well. First and Second Battalions engage as they come in range. Third Battalion makes sure nothing gets past to hurt the grunts."

Outnumbered, the pirate Battlemech company was slaughtered by massed fire of the 200th Royal Light Horse. A full lance targeting a single Battlemech and sometimes multiple lances targeted a single pirate Battlemech. One of the Archer tried to flee and was quickly run down by a full company of SaRI light mechs and brought down. During the quick fight, a radio call was broadcast from the other side of the city.

<<"Colonel Gweneth, Adolfo. There is small wood kilometer from town. All those want surrender are here with us. Want to help free, but afraid to get caught mistake our troops. Tanks and some infantry cowering in city. Worried about families.">>

"Stay where you are, Adolfo. We are almost to the city. Colonel Dortman should be arriving soon to help out. When you spot them, make contact and maybe work out an identifier."

"Colonel Dortman here, fifteen minutes out. Adolfo, we have your radio locked in and know where you are."

14th October, 3044

The 200th Royal Light Horse and 4287th Infantry Regiment swept into the small city like a tidal wave and put down any resistance without mercy. Colonel Dortman led his Battalion of Jump Infantry in to help clear the small city. By nightfall, there was no more fighting. One hundred twenty two civilians had died with over seven hundred wounded during the swift, but brutal fighting.

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