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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 169 - What Could Go Wrong[]

Onverwacht (Former Outworlds System)
22nd August, 3044

When the General had not returned, Major Benny Tashima knew something bad had happened, now 2 years had passed, and he was having trouble holding things together. There had already been some fights between the locally raised conventional forces and members of the original group of former Combine troops, resulting in several deaths. Now it was getting so bad that he seriously considered disarming the locals completely. The only problem was the fact that they heavily outnumbered his "loyal" troops.

Long ago when they first started recruiting locals to form the mainly infantry, the General had taken the original 28 infantry that came with them and had them train the locals. That had given them a Battalion worth of fairly reliable troops. In mid 3042, with the General not returning, he had enlarged the infantry to a full Regiment in size with four Battalions. Now the armed locals outnumbered his own loyal troops several times over. He reasonably trusted the 1st Battalion, they were the longest serving, but he really did not trust the other three Battalions at all. In addition, the amount of recovered or found Lostech had dropped off noticeably and he highly suspected there was some hoarding going on, he just could not prove it.

Thazi (Former Outworld System)

"Are you sure you want to do this Adolfo?" Colonel Gweneth Rolando asked again.

"Yes. Me, Rudy, Isaac, and Trevor are willing to slip in and make contact with those we know we can trust. We can learn much and bring back to you. Maybe we convince the others to join us. Free our families, we like it here. Treated fairly." Corporal Adolfo replied

"Very well. Make sure you have suitable clothing; you cannot wear your uniforms. I will inform General Mitchell that you have agreed to slip in and gather information for us. Make sure you hide the radio carefully, any trouble you call in and we will come get you." Colonel Gweneth Rolando said

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