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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 164 - What Could Go Wrong[]

ComStar ROM HQ, Hilton's Head
Terra (Comstar)
28th July, 3044

"Do you know why you have been summoned here?" Charles Seneca, Precentor ROM asked the man in front of him.

Adept Collin Wellings wanted to wipe the nervous sweat from his hands but was afraid to move "I am sure it has to do with my failures on Inner End."

"It does. Not only have you failed to keep tabs on this Search and Recovery Inc, who have seemingly vanished, but it has resulted in the destruction of not one but two highly skilled strike teams. Do you have any idea how it looks if I have to report another failure to the Primus?" Charles Seneca asked

The wet feeling was getting worse under his robes as Adept Collin Wellings replied "I can only imagine the horror, Precentor."

"NO, YOU CANNOT IMAGINE WHAT IT IS LIKE!!!" Charles Seneca said loudly before softer and to Adept Wellings, much more dangerous "Not in your darkest thoughts could you imagine what it is like. You have failed in your task. You are being reassigned to Oberon VI. There you will report to Precentor Hope. He will assign you as he see's fit."

To Adept Wellings, it was better than a sudden death, even if Oberon VI was regarded as one of the worst postings in ROM, worse than even Inner End. "Yes, Precentor. I will make travel arrangements as soon as possible."

Thazi (Former Outworlds Alliance System)

The grounded Dropships continued to unload people, baggage and prefabricated buildings, which Captain Harold Croyle had been alerted to expect and had people and equipment ready to begin setting them all up. Already teams were laying out the survey stakes for the soon to come small city only a quarter mile from the main entrance of their main base. He ordered the larger mini apartments to be closest to the entrance itself, as those would be for the single soldiers. They would be the first erected. He would then lay out the area for setting up the individual housing. Those for officers and those with dependents.

Major General David Mitchell stood not far away watching the organized chaos as the engineers broke out the prefabricated buildings and studied the directions for assembly. He was leaning on a jeep holding a cup of coffee when he heard from behind him "General, you have a minute?"

He turned to see Brigadier General Herbert Horbaugh and another approaching "Of course."

"May I present former Leftenant General Wesley Erikson. He is going to be your Operations Officer and in command of your immediate battle staff. I have known him for quite a few years." Brigadier General Horbaugh said

Major General David Mitchell shook the hand of the man before him. He was older, his face weathered from many long days in the field, but his eyes spoke volumes about his experience. "Good to have you with us. Your new rank will be Brigadier General, you will get used to it. I expect General Horbaugh has briefed you?"

"He hit the highlights, Sir. Retirement did not sit good with me or my staff. When I got the letter from Herbert here, I called a few others I knew. They jumped at the opportunity. Between myself and the others I gathered up, you have one of the most seasoned command and battle staffs in any unit I can think of." Brigadier General Wesley Erikson replied

"General Horbaugh said he was putting together an experienced staff. How many do we actually have?" Major General Mitchell asked

"For the command element? I managed to gather 27, ranked from Major to Leftenant General. There are 3 of us Leftenant General's, 12 Colonel's and 8 Majors and 7 former Sergeant Majors. You cannot have a good staff without some senior enlisted to keep things running." Brigadier General Erikson replied

"Any military unit would implode without good enlisted to see to the day to day. How many are you poaching General Horbaugh?" Major General Michell said

"You will have a command and battle staff of 18, I will keep the rest with me. They will be able to control things while you deal with the big picture. In addition, they can help guide you in whatever you need help with." Brigadier General Horbaugh stated.

"Very well. Then I guess it is time to get to work and start putting together our enlarged unit." Major General Mitchell said as he emptied his cup of coffee.

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