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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 162 - What Could Go Wrong[]

Corey (Federated Commonwealth, FedSuns State)
12th June, 3044

Jason Hollis, CEO of Hollis Incorporated, wiped the sleep from his eye's. He had been working 18-hour days for what seemed forever trying to rebuild his factory and return Hollis Incorporated to the Battlemech production industry instead of just a glorified refit center. It was only after the Federated Suns and Lyran Commonwealth, now the Federated Commonwealth, provided the needed funds to purchase the much-needed manufacturing equipment could he begin to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Now he had been awakened in the dead of night, one of the few he took to catch some much-needed sleep, by someone who had entered his bedroom, bypassing his security system completely.

"Are you fully awake yet, Mr Hollis?" The man asked from the dark bedroom.

"Wha....who are you and how did you get in here?" James Hollis asked the dark figure seated mere feet away

"Who I am is not important, how I got in here, well that is sort of a specialty of mine. The First Prince wants to know how close you are to actual production?" The man asked

"The First Prince? He probably knows that answer better than me. How do I know I should even be talking to you?" James Hollis replied, now sitting up fully in bed.

The man reached over and flipped on the light on the bedstand. Justin Allard, a face anyone would recognize, sat there calmly. He then flipped the light back off, returning the darkness to the room. "Now, you know who I am. On the stand is a package containing everything you should need to manufacture what is inside. This is not to be discussed with anyone that does not need to know. The contents are to be sold to the AFFC and only the AFFC. If a single item in that envelope turns up in the hands of anyone other than the AFFC, the next visit will not be pleasant. Am I clear?"

"Yes Sir, very clear. As for your question, once I get my last shipment of heavy equipment, due in a few months, I hope to begin prototype production by next year. Might I ask what I am to manufacture?" James Hollis asked

"Battlemechs, what else. Several versions of Battlemaster and a Highlander. I believe your company once manufactured both during the Star League Era and still hold license for both. Your father once ran afoul of the Chancellor and paid a heavy price for that, his life. I hope you do not make the same mistake. You can return to sleep now; our talk is done." Justin Allard said softly before slipping nearly silently from the room.

Sleep was impossible for James Hollis, after an hour he flipped on the lamp and opened the envelope. Inside were 2 data discs and a letter. He started reading the letter.


Greetings James Hollis,

The data discs contain detailed schematics of several designs I want you to put into production at your earliest possible time frame. We have recovered the data that should enable you to avoid costly prototype testing beyond verifying your manufacturing equipment is working properly. My wife has managed to get Ngo Industries to provide you with what you need to expand what you had planned to manufacture what I need for the AFFC. Usually, Ngo Industries does not do business in the Federated Suns half, but Corey is technically part of the Lyran half, since my wife owns it, not me.

I am told you can expect assistance in getting it all up and running soon. We have spent a ton of money helping you, now is the time to see some return on our investments. I want the following to be manufactured as soon possible for the AFFC.

Battlemaster BLR-1Gbc
Battlemaster BLR-1Gd
Highlander HGN-732b

Hanse Davion
First Prince of the Federated Suns


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