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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 159 - What Could Go Wrong[]

Former SLDF Outpost
Thazi (Former Outworld Alliance System)
18th February, 3044

Captain Nathan Davis crossed his fingers as he powered up the bases computer system, now fully restored, or he hoped. He could hear the cooling fans of the various computers spin up and said a silent prayer as he watched his monitor as the computer slowly returned to life after centuries of being powered down. It had taken several months to reach this point, power had been restored to the base after only a month of work, but every computer, monitor and data storage unit had to be carefully cleaned before being reconnected to the system itself.

After what seemed an eternity, a small beep announced that the computer core, the actual brains of the system, was ready to accept commands. He began typing in a command for a full diagnostic to be run on the bases entire network, which had been painstakingly rebuilt here on Thazi from the Pilon base. It took ten agonizing minutes for the computer to announce that a cooling fan was not operating on a remote terminal in the Aerospace Fighter annex. Everything else checked out. He smiled broadly, all that hard work was paying off in dividends. "Chief, make sure the main doors are clear, I am about to close and then open them."

When he was given the okay, he entered the command and the massive main door began closing. Once it was fully closed, he gave the command to open, which it did with no issues. Several hours of testing the bases various systems, including a complete base lock down, were conducted before Captain Nathan Davis pronounced the base fully operational.

"Sir, we have restored the base to fully operational status. It took months of hard work, but we have a operational forward base now." Captain Nathan Davis announced

"Excellent work everyone. We have at least a month before the fleet returns from Inner End with all our new people and equipment. So we stand down for a bit of a vacation because once they return, we return to work. We have to get the new people integrated, housed and work out the plans for our next missions." General David Mitchell said

"Then I will get busy and search the cores for any information they might have that we do not already have." Captain Davis replied

"Take some time off first, Davis, that's an order. I cannot afford to have you burn out." General Mitchell said

Inner End (Federated Commonwealth)

Sergeant Major Chester Pullman watched the final loading of the grounded Dropships. The departure had been delayed while waiting on a final load of new personnel. It had taken 2 days to get them all processed into the unit properly before loading onto the waiting Dropships. It had been a monumental task, each of the four Seeker Transport Dropships with 500 personnel, making for some cramped quarters but it was better than for those riding the Mule Cargo Dropship in one of the cargo decks, which was carrying 2,383 personnel onboard for the trip.

The units Mammoth Cargo Dropship was packed with 32,000 tons of the prefabricated buildings he had purchased with more still on the way. Currently, he had the new personnel's dependents housed and they would follow at a later date, if General Mitchell decided to bring them to the forward base. To enhance the security of the units compound here on Inner End, he had siphoned off a Company of the new personnel to bolster his limited guard force. As the last personnel boarded the waiting Dropship, he rechecked his personnel manifest of what he was sending to the forward base.

-883 Jump Infantry
-119 Mechwarriors
-235 Armor Crew
-21 Aerospace Pilots
-82 VTOL Crew
-181 Marines
-975 Infantry
-386 Engineers
-24 Jumpship Pilots
-12 Navigators
-80 Jumpship Engineers
-210 Jumpship Crew
-24 Dropship Pilots
-48 Dropship Engineers
-210 Dropship Crew
-115 Sr Mech Tech<sbr> -25 Doctors
-131 Medics
-387 Mech Tech
-22 Sr Aero Techs
-118 Aero Techs
-95 Mechanic

Sure hope we find some good stuff because our payroll is ballooning at an astonishing pace., he thought to himself as he cleared the area so the Dropships could boost for the Jump Point.

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