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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 147 - What Could Go Wrong[]

26th October, 3043
Inner End (Federated Commonwealth)

Command Sergeant Major Chester Pullman and Colonel David Mitchell shook hands, "It is good to see you Colonel. Everyone has been gone for so long, I was getting worried."

FedCom Inner End System (3040) Sarna Map

Inner End location on the Federated Commonwealth Map

"Sergeant Major, good to see you too. This is Marshal Herbert Horbaugh, now our second in command. We are expanding again, at least triple in size and he has the experience to run a unit that large." Colonel Mitchell replied

"Good to meet you Marshal and welcome to the unit. You need anything, I am the man to see. So, we found something?" Sergeant Major Pullman said

"You could say that, Sergeant Major. It's enough to boggle the mind. Both equipment and a new home base. Everything been quiet around here?" Colonel Mitchell said

"Yes, Sir. A little too quiet with everyone gone." Sergeant Major Pullman replied

Colonel Mitchell looked around "You expanded the compound again."

"Yes, Sir, we can house the entire command or should I say, a third of the command now. Do I need to make arrangements to enlarge again? If so, I need a head count." Sergeant Major Pullman asked

"No, but you will be getting a near flood of people soon to process. Make sure we get their bank accounts etc for payroll. You get all the stuff on the list Colonel Campbell had?" Colonel Mitchell asked

"Yes sir, all loaded aboard the Express and Dropship. We cleaned out several stores. What gives?" Sergeant Major Pullman replied

"The main command will be basing out there, you will join us at some point. But for now, this is still our rear detachment. We took some hard losses out there so expect quite a few to be back here in a few months. We will work out some sort of schedule, but I would like to have a ship here every two months and delivery, but we will have to work out the kinks on that. It's a two month trip each way and a dangerous one." Colonel Mitchell said

"So, I still act as the clearing house?" Sergeant Major Pullman asked

"Unfortunately, yes. Unless you want me to find a replacement and you rejoin the unit." Colonel Mitchell said

"Nope. I got a good gig and a steady paycheck. My days of hardship tours are over." Sergeant Major Pullman replied

"Good, you would be hard to replace. Here is a list of equipment I want bought, brought here to await pickup. You might want to expand the warehouse space some." Colonel Mitchell said handing over an equipment list.

Sergeant Major Pullman looked at the 3-page list and whistled. "Damn sir, that is a ton of equipment and what is all this non-military stuff?

Equipment List

-135 Goblin Tank (Standard) (99,000,000)
-18 Goblin Tank (LRM) (15,281,000)
-123 Po Heavy Tank (131,000,000)
-36 Karnov UR VTOL (19,800,000)
-36 Ferret VTOL (1,788,550)
-36 Warrior, H-7C VTOL (25,673,00)
-48 Rock Hound Mining Mechs (87,000,000)
-48 Brunel Dump Trucks (200,000,000)
-40 Merlin, MLN-1A (200,000,000) -Misc spare parts and ammo (50,000,000)

Total C-bills - 829,542,550

"Branching out some, Sergeant Major. Expect each arrival to possibly have a list of equipment or something we might need. Try to source as much stuff from different suppliers as best you can. Spread it around so that we attract as little attention as possible. Just wish we had not sold everything from Joshua because we sure could have used it right now." Colonel Mitchell said

31 October 3043
Thazi (Former Outworlds System)

"I give up, Colonel. No way we are going to be able to repair any of this stuff in the base. It is just too far gone. Outside of stripping the smaller bases and moving it all here, stripping the Wokha base, which I would love to do or some miracle,. There no way we are returning this base to what it was." Chief Warrant Officer Harry Caldwell said

"Okay, but we have the salvaged Mech bays from the Colossus Class Dropship installed, correct?" Lieutenant Colonel Alfred Dortman asked

"Halfway done, we are having to make some modifications on the way they mount to the floor. Other than that, it is going fairly smoothly. That poor 'mech cannot supply enough power for the entire base. Any idea what the Colonel has in store for this place? The planet I mean?" Chief Warrant Officer Caldwell said

"Not a clue. The people are finally starting to act a little more friendly towards us. Actually, starting to make use of the medics and MASH we sent in. They did not lack for food and water, but medical care and even the basics of modern life is about nil. Not even power in the city. Candlelight for god's sake." Lieutenant Colonel Dortman replied

"Vegetarian. I prefer a thick steak myself, Sir. You may not starve to death, but a person has just got to have some meat with their diet." Chief Warrant Officer Caldwell said

"Well, we will be here for quite a while, forward base and all. You might want to tell the Colonel to import some herds because I doubt, we will be getting fresh meat anytime soon. I have not seen any animals since we been here, except a couple large frog looking things." Colonel Dortman replied

"Yeah, I am not eating one of those." Chief Warrant Officer Caldwell said

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