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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 145 - What Could Go Wrong[]

19th October, 3043
New Avalon (Federated Commonwealth, FedSuns Capital State World)

"When are you planning to resume your operations?" First Prince Hanse Davion asked

"Honestly, that is up in the air, Highness. I do have one operation that we put on hold to complete the last mission for you. I think we will take that target out when I get back to Thazi. After that, probably a stand down period while we integrate the new people, get used to working together and at a larger scale than we ever have before. Plus, I need to get a good handle on some other things." Colonel David Mitchell replied

"Like getting a mining operation up and running?" First Prince Hanse Davion said who laughed at the look he got. "Come on, do you really think you can purchase anything from the Davion Family Trust that I will not find out about it?"

"Just not that fast, Highness." Colonel Mitchell replied

"I am going to assume you plan to open up the Wokha mines and upgrade what they already have. I also assume that you plan to sell whatever your mining to the Federated Commonwealth operations there, at a discount I hope." First Prince Hanse Davion said

"Well, I had not given it much thought." Colonel Mitchell replied

"Your not the only Fox around here. But it shows me that your thinking long term investments now. The treasure hunting phase starting to wear off some now that you have made a ton of money?" First Prince Hanse Davion said

"No sir, that itch is still there to be scratched. But during the last operation, I came to realize that we need a steady revenue stream that is not tied to us finding and selling what we find or do not find. Plus, as Marshal Horbaugh said, I threw out the pirates on Thazi and now I am sort of responsible for those people. That has been weighing on my mind quite a bit. And it is bound to be expensive, and a long-term expense, so I figured I would start laying some sort of groundwork, purchasing an already registered mining company saved me a ton of paperwork and hassle, equipment and such I can purchase I as I need it, once I have an idea about what I actually need." Colonel Mitchell replied

"You thinking of doing a Wolf Dragoon and having your own planet?" First Prince Hase Davion asked

"That is way outside my skill set Highness. But I do like the idea of having a safe place for my people, on off the radar." Colonel Mitchell replied

"You might wake up one morning and find that want the job or not, you have the job. Either way, I wish you good luck and good hunting out there. If you can find what we need out there, it will save me a fortune in shipping and concealment efforts of a constant flow of material heading out there. For a good price of course." First Prince Hanse Davion said

Later that afternoon, Colonel Mitchell and Marshal Herbert Horbaugh were watching the large group of specialists loading their bags on one of the large carts to be loaded in the multiple shuttle that would take them up to the waiting Jumpship. There were 64 of them and it would stretch the Jumpship quarters to the max, but luckily, they were returning to Inner End via command circuit, and it would only be a few days packed in like sardines. They were about to start boarding when a darkened car pulled up. Quintus Allard got out and a young man exited the other side of the car and joined him. Both walked over.

"Colonel Mitchell, this is Derek Paulson. His father has worked for me for over 30 years overseeing my affairs on Bristol. Derek here is a Business Administration graduate. He has worked for me about 5 years now. I convinced him to take a trip with you and help you out as best he can. Plus, it will be good experience for him, everything is established on Bristol, but now he can experience something of a challenge." Quintus Allard said

"You sure about this? It could be quite a while before we make another trip back to civilization." Colonel Mitchell said

"Yes, Sir, as Mr Allard has told me. Where else am I going to find a world where everything is up in the air and brand new. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. But the final decision is your sir." Derek Paulson replied

"Well then, welcome aboard. Get your bags stowed and then board shuttle one, I will try to fill you in on some idea's I have, and we will see if they are fantasy or reality." Colonel Mitchell said

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