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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 144 - What Could Go Wrong[]

18th October, 3043
New Avalon (Federated Commonwealth, FedSuns Capital World)

Colonel David Mitchell had spent the previous night thinking and doing some research. He had spent a few hours pulling up various bits of information which only caused him to do even more research. It was worse than any school course he had ever attended or taken. But he knew it had to be done and forced himself to continue down the path he had started. They had to generate a steady income not dependent on their search efforts, he now had a hundred thousand people he was responsible for. They deserved the best he could provide them until they could at least support and defend themselves.

He wrote down a name on his note pad and dialed the attached phone number. After a twenty-minute conversation, he setup a meeting with the man on the other end for this afternoon.

He was in the hotels dining room when a well-dressed man appeared in the entrance, stopped and scanned the room. He raised his hand and the man approached. "Mr. Mitchell, I presume?"

"Yes, Sir. Thank you for meeting with me. Please sit down. If you want anything, feel free to order." Colonel Mitchell said

"Gunther Umbraige. Your interested in purchasing the Corporation on file? You know that it has no assets, but also no debts attached to it either. It is basically just a name that has been kept active by the current owner of said name.", The man replied

"The name is still registered, still active, on paper?" Colonel Mitchell asked

"Yes, Sir, it is still registered in the Federated Suns, and by extension the Federated Commonwealth. It has no stock listing of course. Like I said, it is just a name that has never been dissolved." Gunther Umbraige replied

"What is the price for the name and filing the proper paperwork and legal stuff is as quoted on the listing?" Colonel Mitchell asked

"It is, sir. Five million C-Bills purchases the name and pays for me filing all the needed paperwork for the transfers." Gunther Umbraige replied

"Then we have a deal. If you give me the needed information, I will have the funds transferred to your account. I will need this handled as quickly as possible as I will be departing very soon." Colonel Mitchell said

Gunther Umbraige opened his briefcase and pulled a set of papers out. In minutes he had the paperwork filled out and presented to Colonel Mitchell for his signatures. "I like to be prepared. The Family Trust will be pleased that this particular item is finally off their books. It is a yearly expense to keep it registered and to file the proper tax paperwork even with no revenue being generated."

Colonel David Mitchell signed the forms where Gunther Umbraige indicated. "I will have the funds transferred immediately to your account."

"Mr. Mitchell, you are a long way from Inner End, but you are now the owner of Solar Metals Limited. On behalf of the Davion Family Trust thank you." Gunther Umbraige replied

Holy crap, I did not know that was who owned the defunct company name., he thought. He now owned a mining company with nothing else, but it was a start down that road.

Quintin Allard Office
New Avalon (Federated Commonwealth, FedSuns Capital World)

Marshal (Ret) Herbert Horbaugh was not comfortable being in this office, not with this particular individual who's reputation far preceded any meeting. "Relax. Marshal Horbaugh, I called you here to go over staffing needs and any personnel you think you might need in your new position with SaRI." Quintus Allard said

"Yes, Sir. I thought Colonel Mitchell had already delivered the needs." Marshal Horbaugh replied

"He did. But he is also inexperienced where a unit this large is concerned, you are not. He might have missed something, and I want you to look it over again and if there are any gaps, I want you to fill them in for me. Here is what he gave us, take your time. We are in no rush." Quintus Allard said handing over several pages of handwritten notes.

Marshal Horbaugh took the pages and started looking them over. It did not take him long until he pulled out a pen and started changing numbers.

Personnel Needs

-Mechwarriors - (Original Request 108) 120
-Aerospace Pilots - 18
-Armor Crews - (Original Request 360) 480
-VTOL Crews - (Original Request 72) 108
-Foot Infantry - (Original Request 1,260) 1,512
-Jump Infantry - (Original Request 765) 1,008
-Sr Mech Techs - 130
-Mech Techs - 740
-Sr Aero Techs - 18
-Aero Techs - 108
-Sr Mechanic - (Original Request 36) 108
-Mechanic - 648
-Infantry/Astech - (Original Request 300) 900
-Engineers - 1,512
-Doctors - 24
-Medics - 120
-Marines - 252
-Jumpship Pilots - 24
-Navigators - 12
-Jumpship Engineers - 80
-Jumpship Crews - 210
-Dropship Pilots - 24
-Dropship Engineers - 48
-Dropship Crews - 210
-Planetologist - 4
-Geologists - 12
-Metallurgy Experts- 12
-Mineralogy Experts - 12
-Civil Engineers - 12
-Agriculturists - 12

While he did not understand the full list or why they would need them, he added his own line that was a major oversight in his opinion.

-Senior Command Staff - 18
-Communication Personnel - 36

"I think this will get us off the ground and running. I will need an experienced staff to handle a unit that large. Senior people for S1, S2, S3, S4 positions. This unit will be too hard to handle on a shoestring or people doing double duty. Colonel Mitchell told me that is what most of them have been doing, double duty, that has to end." Marshal Horbaugh said handing the list back over.

Quintus Allard took the updated list and whistled softly, "We might have to raid the Lyran half to fill this list."

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