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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 140 - What Could Go Wrong[]

18th August 3043
Thazi (Former Outworlds System)

"Come on Colonel, Pilon is a single jump from here. We know the 205th Light Horse was stationed there, and we have coordinates of their base. Colonel Mitchell did not say we could not undertake any missions while he was gone, he just said for us to focus on Thazi, the locals and getting the base in some sort of shape. Outside of going back to Wokha and stripping that base, I do not see how we can accomplish the task. I have culled the computers in the satellite bases for every scrap of information they hold already. It will be a in and out operation. We go, hit the site, see what is there and come back.

The closest satellite base was guarding mining operations. Titanium and Aluminum deposits. The one way the hell from here was built to protect a massive fishing industry. The Star League even had scientists monitoring the fish from that base and they had, after 60 years, decided that the fisheries were ready to be harvested. Well, we know that did not happen. So, what else would you like for me to do besides sit around and twiddle my thumbs?" First Lieutenant Nathan Davis said

Lieutenant Colonel Alfred Dortman sighed; this was not the first discussion they had over this subject. "If I have seen anything since joining this command, is that there is no such thing as an in and out operation. But, maybe, just maybe you can go check it out. BUT, Lieutenant Colonel Woodall will be in command of the operation. It will be kept small and if there is any and I mean any opposition, the mission is aborted. Do you agree to those terms?"

"Agreed ,sir, totally agreed. Pure sneak and peek." First Lieutenant Davis replied with a smile.

Private Adolfo knelt and ran his hand in the rich soil, richer than even on his own planet. He was one of the few privates in SaRI, one of the first pirates captured and after answering honestly, he had been offered a chance to join the unit by Captain Rolando. He kept a low profile and spent most of his time getting studying. Now, after almost 2 years, he could read much better and write decently. He served as Lieutenant Colonel Gweneth Rolando's personal aide, and she spent many hours teaching him.

"Playing in the dirt, Adolfo?" Lieutenant Colonel Gweneth Rolando asked from behind him.

"Not really, Ma'am. I was just thinking how rich this dirt is. I think anything could grow here." Private Adolfo replied

"If you say so, Adolfo. Farming is not my thing. You know about farming?" Lieutenant Colonel Rolando asked

"Not much. I spent time on a labor farm before I agreed to join General Jaws. There are many farmers there. Those that do not dig for the treasure, they farm." Private Adolfo said.

"That's right, your from Onverwacht, General Jaws' main base. We are still going there to finish that business. I promise." Lieutenant Colonel Rolando replied

"I know. We finish this and then go free those there." Private Adolfo said

28th August, 3043
Pilon (Former Outworlds System)

Planetary Assault Fleet (DropShips landing - HBS Battletech Game)

Dropships descending to the planet.

Lieutenant Colonel James Woodall had jumped at the chance to get back into some action. This was just a in and out operation and to make sure it stayed that way, he had only a Battlemech Company, Infantry Company and a platoon of Engineers aboard their Union and single Seeker Infantry Carrier Dropship. Though he also had two RPR-101 Rapiers on the Union and two HCT-213C Hellcat based on the Merchant Class Jumpship that had brought them here. It was a 5 day transit to the planet and First Lieutenant Davis was already pushing for a 2g transit to cut that in half, which he refused to do.

4th September, 3043

After a day of orbits, they grounded near the coordinates First Lieutenant Nathan Davis provided them. Once a security screen was established, the engineers broke out the ground penetrating radar and began their search.

6th September, 3043

It took two days to locate the indicators of the main entrance and the engineers dug out the entrance. First Lieutenant Davis spent an hour finding the small slot and inserted his security "key". Nothing happened. He pulled it back out and inserted it again. Nothing. Well shit, he thought.

"I don't get it. The door is closed, we know what to look for. We found the damned ferrocrete ramp that always leads to the entrance." He said

"Well, we tried. Nothing we can do about it now. We do not have the resources to force the thing open. We came, we saw and now we leave. We will be back." Lieutenant Colonel Woodall announced.

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