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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 139 - What Could Go Wrong[]

19th July 3043
Thazi (Former Outworlds System)

Colonel David Mitchell never had a chance to send out his message before he was handed a relayed message by the MI3 officer. He took the message and read it over and frowned when he was done reading it.


To: Colonel David Mitchell, Rear Admiral Robert Vickery, Professor Hiram Igram, Lieutenant Colonel Edwin Davion
From: First Prince Hanse Davion
Proceed to New Avalon for consultations via quickest method. Signal arrival eta for transfer and will have circuit for immediate transport to New Avalon ready on arrival.


His mind was going at a thousand miles per hour, why would the First Prince be recalling them to New Avalon instead of sending someone out here themselves? He thought to himself. Either way, he had no choice but to get cracking, it was a long trip.

20 July 3043

"Lieutenant Colonel Dortman will be in overall command while I am gone. I will be taking one of the master copies of the database we found on Wokha with me. In addition, I want a lance of Talon's from the satellite base loaded for transport. I am going to take one of the Seeker Troop Carrier Dropships, I am sure Rear Admiral Vickery will want to get rid of the prisoners, so we can lock them down in several of the infantry bays aboard. Intrusive will remain here for communication and the MI3 folks have been so advised." Colonel Mitchell informed the gathered officers

"He did not say what he wanted?" Lieutenant Colonel James Woodall asked

"Not even a hint. I can only get there and back as quick as I can arrange it. I am going to route us back thru Inner End, I can at least make contact with Sergeant Major Pullman and see what has happened while we have been gone." Colonel Mitchell said

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