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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 131 - What Could Go Wrong[]

8th June 3043
Thazi (Outworlds Alliance)

Simultaneous detonations of chemical weapons containing VX nerve gas announced the start of the Periphery Uprising on Thazi. Chemical detectors quickly sealed the SLDF bases and protected the garrisons inside their respective bases. For 2 weeks, this was the case, but for the Ronbach Base, located in the metal rich mountains, no one realized that the extensive mining operations had gotten so close to the walls of the SLDF base. The last 4 meters separating the inner base wall from the mining tunnel was penetrated by powerful mining drills at multiple locations and Sarin gas was pumped into the base. The deadly killer quickly killed the SLDF garrison.

The main force of the 199th Light Horse sallied from their base to face the rebels in open battle, but several nuclear detonations weakened them enough that they were forced to retreat from the planet. This end up leaving their Third Battalion behind, unheard from. The conventional forces barricaded themselves into the remaining bases and waited for SLDF forces to return to relieve them. This never occurred.

21 June 3043
Wokha (Former Outworlds System)

The incoming Emergence Wave was detected, and defensive measures were quickly taken. The single Merchant Class Jumpship materialized at the edge of the Nadir Jump Point, only 75 kilometers from the Olympus Recharge Station. Before its sensors could even come back online, FSS Batavia, Federated Suns Vigilant Class Corvette was moving to engage the newly arrived Merchant Jumpship along with its Jumbo and Overlord Dropship. Lord Tyler "The Terrible" Pavlov had come to hate Jumpship travel over the years, but he had to spend time on Thazi a few times a year to remind those there of who was in charge. Plus, he had finally managed to broker a merger with a smaller pirate band that had successfully raided Hivrannee in the Federated Suns looting over 80 combines from the massive farms there. In addition to the Invader Jumpship, his new band brought a Mule and two Union Dropships with them, along with 2 Companies of Battlemechs.

His senses were just coming fully back online when he heard the alarms sounding on the bridge of the Merchant Jumpship. He shook his head to try and clear the last of the jump effects until he finally heard "Multiple contacts close. Someone is broadcasting a communication, patching to speakers."

<<"...Batavia. Surrender or be destroyed. Do not detach Dropships or you will be fired upon. Repeat, this is FSS Batavia. Surrender and prepare to be boarded. Do not detach Dropships or you will be fired upon.">>

"What the hell? Turn that crap off. Detach the Dropships and we will show these fools they messed with the wrong people." Lord Tyler Pavlov ordered

Aboard FSS Batavia, rapidly closing on the Merchant Jumpship, which was already within easy weapons range, Rear Admiral Robert Vickery could clearly see the Dropships detaching from the Merchant Jumpship. "Weps, hit that Overlord good and hard once it is safely clear from the Merchant Jumpship. Marines prepare to board the Merchant Jumpship."

Several minutes later FSS Batavia, Vigilant Class Corvette fired a single NAC/10 at the Overlord Dropship which impacted on the left side of the Overlord Dropship, removing half it's armor from that location. "I think they got the message Admiral. We are being hailed."

<<"Dear god, we surrender. This is Dark Fury, we surrender and are powering down.">>

"Contact Major Evans and have her dispatch some Marines to secure that Overlord Dropship. Comm, contact that Jumbo Cargo Dropship and tell it to power down." Rear Admiral Vickery said.

The massive hit on the Overlord had made an impression on everyone on the bridge of the Merchant Jumpship and it quickly surrendered. Lord Tyler Pavlov knew his days of power were over as he waited the enemy boarding party. His hard work at brokering the absorption of a smaller pirate band had been for nothing. Their Invader Class Jumpship had been what he mainly wanted anyway and it was still at Thazi waiting to take on two Mules filled with food for Wokha. He retired to his small cabin, pulled out his Flechette pistol and put it to his head.

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