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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 131 - What Could Go Wrong[]

20 June 3043
Wokha (Former Outworlds System)

First Lieutenant Nathan Davis had spent days reading the massive amount of information that had been stored inside the former SLDF computer system. Even his small staff of three could not extract the information quick enough. It was still a massive work in progress, but he felt they were gaining ground. While his staff worked to keep everything notated as they extracted information they could use, he had spent time reading SLDF Intel reports from 2765, which also had contained quite a bit of valuable information. Buried within the 200th Royal Light Horse operational plans were several contingency plans to support nearby systems but also to support operations of the 28th SOG, which was deployed on Blommestein alongside of the 135th Mechanized Infantry Division but conducted operations across the entire region.

He had no clue what the 28th SOG was, nor could he find any information inside the SLDF computer system on what it was or what it's mission actually was. But he had coordinates of where their main base was on Blommestein. In addition, the SLDF computer had contained extensive maps of surrounding systems, inhabited planets, which showed cities and towns and important locations. It was a virtual treasure trove of information. That could take a long time to sort out completely. But he forced himself to focus on pulling out all the information he could find about Thazi, their next target, now identified as the second pirate base and on their list of priority salvage targets.

The SLDF had built three bases on the planet's single continent. It 2765, it had been garrisoned by the 199th Light Horse Regiment with operational control of a single Armor Regiment and three Infantry Regiments. The main base was large enough to support the entire garrison while the other two were smaller and primarily used as satellite bases. He had the location of the 199th Light Horses missing Battalion pinpointed as one of the satellite bases which probably protected the large mining operations reported in the region. It was almost 800km from the main base located 55km from the planet's capitol. The third satellite base was much further away at almost 4,000km. The 2765 population of Thazi was reported at just over 16 million people. He made his notes and prepared his mission briefing.

Olympus Space Station (Solar Sail Deployed)

Olympus Recharging Station

At the NO1 Belt, Chief Warrant Officer Vincent Zuniga looked at the orbital mining station with the Dropship attached to it as he carefully controlled the Hoshiryokou Tug towards the mining station. It had take them days to complete moving the Merchant Class Jumpship from the Olympus Recharge Station to a safe location at the Nadir Jump Point and then docking the damaged Merchant Jumpship to the Olympus Station's repair bay. That had delayed their arrival to investigate this find. Over his shoulder, Paul Orlean studied the minning station also.

"It's a Snowden, but different. I cannot tell from here, but it just looks different. I cannot put my finger on it exactly. Still has the KF Boom attached to it. They never removed it, so either it was a new arrival and they never had a chance to remove it or they always left it attached. I cannot be sure." Paul Orlean said

"Your going to get a nice close look at it in less than an hour, Paul." Chief Zuniga replied as he carefully matched velocities for docking.

"My team is ready to go. It still feels funny being back out here and back to work at what we know after all those years in captivity." Paul Orlean said as he watched the docking operation

"You guys will be checking the station while we check the Dropship out." Chief Zuniga replied as the Tug's lights played over the docked Dropship illuminating it clearly "No clue what she is, but she was Star League Defense Force. There is her hull number, just like our Titan."

A slight bump announced the Tug's docking with the Snowden Mining Station. Everyone moved to the airlock. After checking that everyone was properly suited up for EVA, the cycled the hatch open. The station was pitch black and only their suit lights illuminated the immediate area around them. Several of Chief Zuniga's engineers worked to connect power feeds into the stations long dormant power grid. Within an hour, the task was complete and lights aboard the station began coming on after centuries of darkness. It was obvious that fighting had taken place aboard the station as the massive cargo bay was illuminated.

Paul Orlean flashed a thumbs up to Chief Zuniga as he led his team to examine the Station in more detail. Chief Zuniga led his team to the docked Dropship. Reaching the airlock, it was obvious that someone had been trying to force their way into the Dropship itself but had failed. He carefully removed one of the security "keys" from his suit and inserted it into the small slot. Nothing happened, power is completely drained., he thought.

"Chris, run a power feed over here and let's put some power to this ship. It was never connected to the stations systems so what we hooked up is not going to work." Chief Zuniga said

It took another hour to run one of the super long power feeds over and get it hooked to the Dropship. Another half hour passed before a green light lit up above the security "key" and then the airlock cycled open with some difficulty as the door gears worked against the damage inflicted by the forced entry attempts. But finally, they were inside the unknown Dropship. When they reached the engineering section, it was quickly obvious what had "killed" this Dropship as Chief Zuniga stared out the gaping hole in the left aft section. He had a clear view out into the darkness of space.

While he was star gazing, another team had reached the bridge. "Chief, what is a Pentagon Dropship? Never heard of it, but that is what this ship was."

"No clue. But she is going nowhere until we repair this big damned hole and get her a new fuel storage system, it's completely gone. There will be no restarting this reactor anytime soon." Chief Zuniga replied

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