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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 130 - What Could Go Wrong[]

19 June 3043
Wokha (Former Outworlds System)

"Here is a copy of the report I am will be sending to First Prince Hanse Davion per his orders. I just thought you should see it before hand." Professor Hiram Igram said, holding a thick binder.

"I trust that details everything we recovered?" Colonel David Mitchell asked but did not move to take the copy.

"Yes, Sir, it does. I am hesitant to even send the report, there is a good chance that he will order all of it moved to New Avalon for study. While that deprives you, it also deprives me of working with any of it also, at least while I am out here with you.", Professor Hiram Igram replied

"Send it as it is. If the First Prince demands it all, we will send it, along with the massive price tag attached to it. I trust you have seen Lieutenant Davis's estimate?" Colonel Mitchell said

"Yes, Sir and I think he is under valuing it. The rarity of this equipment, especially the unknown variants, much less the totally unknown or forgotten models, is worth much more than a 15% additional." Professor Hiram Igram replied

"That is true, if it was just a few items. This is a volume amount. No clue what the database is worth, but the equipment total alone he came up with was just over 5.6 Billion. That is still a hefty payday in anyones books." Colonel Mitchell said

"Your not factoring in the Olympus Station?" Professor Igram asked

"No. I expect Rear Admiral Vickery to throw out a "The AFFC captured the Olympus along with all the Jumpships and Dropships" argument. Which technically, they did, even though they were in support roles of our operation. Not sure I want to pick a fight over that. Same for the base here, as much as I would love to keep it, I am not keen on maybe starving to death because of a missed shipment of food. I guess it will depend on what the First Prince does. Cross that road if it gets to us." Colonel Mitchell said

"If you do get to keep all or most of what is here, it is my estimation that you can properly maintain the equipment. At least here at this base or on the Lee Class Dropships. Out in the field, using standard Dropships of our current models, that is going to be a problem for you. The actual bays onboard the Lees are more advanced versions of what is currently the standard, same for the bays here at the base along with all the support facilities it offers." Professor Igram replied

"Thank you, it has been a worry of mine. Chief Warrant Officer Rodgers pretty much said the same thing to me yesterday. Any idea when your report is to go out?" Colonel Mitchell said

"No, sir. My orders were for hand delivery via courier only. I have not been contacted about it at all. I just thought you should see it before I have to send it out." Professor Igram replied

"Well, lock it up with Lieutenant Davis until you need it. Thank you for at least offering me a chance to go over it, but I am not going to hide anything. We take our chances and see how the dice fall.", Colonel Mitchell said

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