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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 108 - What Could Go Wrong[]

26 September 3042
New Valencia (Federated Commonwealth)

Prince's Champion Ardan Sortek shook hands with Marshal (Ret) Oliver Jimenez. "Ollie, good to see you again its been what 3 years?"

"Closer to four sir. You did not come out here to say hello old friend. What can I do for you?" Marshal (Ret) Jimenez said

"You have not signed any contract yet have you?" Prince's Champion Ardan Sortek asked

"Not yet, but we are getting close, mainly the final details. Why?" Marshal (Ret) Jimenez replied

"Because we need you for a special project. The pay will be good, combat bonus, full salvage rights and opposition should be fairly easy for your folks to handle." Prince's Champion Ardan Sortek said

"By we, you mean First Prince Davion and the Federated Suns." Marshal (Ret) Jimenez stated

"Federated Commonwealth now, Ollie, but in the grand scale of things, it is the same thing." Prince's Champion Ardan Sortek said

"Why us? There are a bunch of Merc outfits that would jump on that sort of operation. Most have retainer contracts anyway. Surprised your not talking to the Dragoons, they are returning to the arket and are always on the prowl for an easy payday to get back into fighting trim." Marshal (Ret) Jimenez asked

"Security concerns. No way Allard or even the First Prince will risk this operation with anyone they cannot 100% clear. Just so happens that your command is drawing directly from the AFFS, where those very people have already passed our security screenings. We will provide 100% transportation to and from the target. Figure the operation to take 2 years or so. At least 6 months to the target area." Prince's Champion Ardan Sortek said

"Six months travel? Where the hell you sending us, the far side of the Lyran Commonwealth?" Marshal (Ret) Jimenez asked

"I cannot say exactly, not yet anyway. You will not be alone, another unit will be leading you to the target. Search and Recovery Inc, ever heard of them?" Prince's Champion Ardan Sortek said

"Nope, cannot say that I have." Marshal (Ret) Jimenez replied

"Good. They have caught the eye of the First Prince, and I must admit, even I am a little impressed by what they have accomplished in a short time. You take this mission and do a good job, the First Prince will take notice and that is never a bad thing for a new unit. I might even be able to get you easier access to the incoming recovered technology. So how about it Ollie, interested?" Prince's Champion Ardan Sortek said

"Okay Ardan, yes I am interested. This contract coming from the Federated Commonwealth? I do not have a Liaison Officer, heck we have not even registered with the MRB yet." Marshal (Ret) Jimenez asked

"Which is a plus in your favor. But no, the contract will be via Challenge Systems as a cut out. You need anything or have a problem, you can use Search and Recovery's Liaison Officer to mediate. I do not expect you will have any trouble though. Your getting a little old to play in the field though." Prince's Champion Ardan Sortek said

"Me and the senior partners stay in the rear. I have Colonel Bradley Andrews running the on the ground stuff. Good officer, good experience. I only have a single Mule Dropship, one of the reasons we have been looking for non combat type contracts. We have to carry everything as cargo, not combat loaded." Marshal (Ret) Jimenez replied

"That could be a problem. I will figure that one out. Let me get back to New Avalon. You will have the contract shortly. Get your people ready to move out, this is a hot one and the First Prince is not going to let a second go to waste." Prince's Champion Ardan Sortek said

"Always liked that about you, Ardan, direct and to the point. Instead of weeks negotiating, a ten minute conversation and off we go." Marshal (Ret) Jimenez replied

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