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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 106 - What Could Go Wrong[]

16 September 3042
New Avalon (Federated Commonwealth, FedSuns State Capital)

The message from Inner End was in First Prince Hanse Davion's hands within an hour of arrival. When he read the short message, he let out a whoop that startled his secretary in the outer office. Her intercom came to life "I need Quintus, Justin, and Ardan in my office as soon as possible."

It took over an hour for all three to arrive and be ushered into the First Prince's office. They were pointed to seats and after all had sat down, First Prince Hanse Davion passed out drinks to everyone and sat down opposite them. He raised his glass and said "Here is to good fortune." Then downed the strong drink. All three downed theirs and Quintus Allard looked at his empty glass.

"Damn, you broke out the really good stuff Hanse. What gives?" Quintus Allard said

"Message from our friends on Inner End. Seems they are sure they have my perfect place located. You all are here because I have learned my lesson, if I make the decision alone, one of you is going to come in here and chew me out. So, instead of going home and relaxing, your all going to help me plan out securing the system, what unit to use, how we will maintain a tight security way out there, how we are going to construct the infrastructure we are going to need out there, how to supply it with everything it needs, how we are going to move what we need fixed out there. You know, all the details I know every single one of you just hate doing." First Prince Hanse Davion replied with a broad smile.

"Shit, Hanse, your just lonely because Melissa is on Tharkad until January at least." Prince's Champion Ardan Sortek said getting up to fetch the bottle of booze from the small wet bar.

"Does not matter, we are going to hammer out the details now and get the ball rolling. I want no damned stone left untouched. We hit the place and secure it, first time, no doubts at all. My first inclination is to send the Heavy Guard out there, but one of you is going to say they are too high profile. So, who do we send that can get the job done right and quick?" First Prince Hanse Davion said

"Honestly, every line unit any of us suggest is too high profile. They are going to be missed, especially for an operation that could mean they are gone for a year at least." Justin Allard replied

"What about hiring another mercenary command? We have quite a few that are large enough to handle the mission." First Prince Hanse Davion said

"With that sort of secret mission? The security checks could take years." Quintus Allard replied

"Well, there is a new command coming online. Battlemech Regiment. Every single member has already had security checks done." Prince's Champion Ardan Sortek tossed out on the table.

"Who are you talking about?" First Prince Hanse Davion asked

"They call themselves the Arcadians. Actually following the mold from which your favorites did. Recruiting former members of the AFFS. All the main officers are former flag grade AFFS officers. So we know they are trust worthy. They have not even registered with the MRB. Currently, they are hunting for a contract with several of the large Corporations." Ardan Sortek replied

"When my group did that exact thing and I pushed a few people their way, you squealed like a stuck pig. Yet here you are stating all this like it is no big deal. I smell a rat or old boys network at work." Quintus Allard said

Prince's Champion Ardan Sortek just shrugged as he answered "Maybe I decided to get in on the pet unit gig that is going around. But seriously, that is not what is happening here. I do know all of the senior officers though and they are above reproach."

"No Aerospace, that could be a problem." First Prince Hanse Davion said

"So we attach a few wings to them until such time as we come up with a permanent garrison for the place. Heck, the Navy has 12 Independent Wings and we can always peel some Marines from them while we are at it. Maybe attach a Infantry Regiment from the Heavy Guards or First Davion, both are here on New Avalon. The Arcadians are perfect for this operation. They have zero profile at all, no one really knows they exist yet. I damn sure am not hearing any of you tossing out names for consideration." Ardan Sortek replied

"Seriously not happening my ass. Hypocrite." Quintus Allard snorted softly; he was starting to feel the booze already.

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