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What Could Go Wrong (Chapter Cover Art)

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Chapter 101 - What Could Go Wrong[]

2 May 3042
Mizar (Federated Commonwealth)

The specially outfitted Monarch Class Passenger Liner Dropship settled to the runway smoothly after the AFFC Jumpship carrying it arrived at the pirate point to avoid the normal 24 day transit to the planet from the standard Jump Point. After allowing the skin to cool to a normal temperature one of the small passenger ramps descended and a security detail escorted Archon Melissa Steiner Davion into the corporate headquarters of Fairchild Dornier. The receptionist could barely speak when Melissa Steiner-Davion simply said, "I need to speak to Isadore Dornier right away please."

The receptionist managed to stammer out "He is in an all-day conference, Your Majesty."

"Then I will crash his conference." Melissa replied as she gestured for her security detail to lead the way to the elevator. Behind her she heard the receptionist say, "Top floor."

The elevator ride was smooth and quick. When the doors opened the lead security agent stepped outside the elevator, figured out which way to go and led off down the hallway. As they passed the glass conference room Melissa reached out and rapped on the glass with her knuckles and pointed towards Isadore Dornier's office. She had barely sat down when he was almost pushed inside by her agents after being patted down.

"Your Highness, I was not expecting a visit. How may I be of service?" Isadore Dornier asked

"Your company recently came into possession of a working example of an advanced Samurai, I am wondering why you have not approached my officials or even banks for funding the rebuilding of your factory to produce this marvelous fighter?" Archon Melissa Steiner Davion questioned

"I was not aware that you knew. No bank would lend me the amount that would be needed to rebuild the factory, so I did not bother asking. It would take years to rebuild the factory complex, it would take several years to even get the needed paperwork approved by the Government, both local and higher." Isadore Dornier replied

"All very true, but I have ways to cut the red tape." She handed over a piece of paper "This is a signed contract with both my own and First Prince Hanse Davion guaranteeing the purchase of 600 SL-26 Samurai Aerospace Fighters. We want these built quickly, and for us to get them, I want you to license the design to the Shipil Company on Skye and Jalastar Aerospace on Panpour. Until the order is completed, your firm will receive 50% of the profit for each plane built by either company. After that, your firm will receive the normal license fee amount of 5%. I had my staff run the numbers and that should bring in around 300 Million C-Bills for your company. The Lyran Government will assist you in securing the funding to rebuild your factory complex as quick as possible. In addition to cutting some of the red tape." Archon Melissa Steiner-Davion said

"Your Highness, I am not sure you fully understand the complexity....." Isadore Dornier started to say but stopped when she raised her hand.

"I do not think you understand what I am saying. I really hate repeating myself but let me be clearer. This fighter is going to be built, either using the method I have already laid out, or you will hand over the recovered SL-26, all design specs, design information, blueprints or anything else that has anything to do with the Samurai right now. I will have those previously mentioned firms build them for us and you will get nothing out of the deal. I will declare your license void. Sure, you can try your hand in court, and maybe after 50 years or so it might see the inside of a courtroom. Either way, this fighter will be in production. Was I clear enough for you that time?" Archon Melissa Steiner-Davion asked

"I fully understand you know, Your Highness. Your terms are acceptable." Isadore Dornier replied

Archon Melissa Steiner Davion stood up. "Excellent, I expect you to have couriers dispatched to both Shipil and Jalastar within the month with all the needed specifications. I will also have both companies send several of their top engineers here to get some hands-on time with that recovered Samurai. Now, I must be leave, I have a busy schedule to keep." She did not wait for an answer and just headed out the door.

As they boarded her Dropship, Melissa said "Lisa, please send a message to Hanse and inform him of what transpired here. Make sure he informs Jalastar of the deal while we go put Shipil in a headlock."

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