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Vincent Class Corvette (blockcade run) (by Colourbrand)
Vincent Mk39b-Class Corvette
Production information
Manufacturer Star League
Use Picket
Tech Base Inner Sphere Advanced
Cost 10,269,950,000 C-bills
Introduced 2740
Technical specifications
Mass 420,000
Length 406 meters
Sail Diameter 1,006
Fuel 2,000 Tons
Burn Rate 39.52
Safe Thrust 4
Top Thrust 6
Sail Integrity 4
KF Drive Integrity 10
LF Battery Yes
Armament Main Weaponry
  • x2 Capital Missile Launcher (Barracuda)
  • x4 Naval Auto Cannon 10
  • x6 Large Lasers
Armor Ferro-Carbide Armor.
DropShip Capacity 0
Small Craft/
AeroSpace Fighters
4 / 6
Crew 28 Officers
111 Enlisted/non-rated
24 Gunners
32 Bay Personnel
Grav Decks 1 (1 = 60 meter diameter)
Escape Pods/Life Boats 8 / 0
Heat Sinks 1,000 (2,000) Double Heat Sinks
Structural Integrity 40
BV (1.0)
BV (2.0) 15,822[1]


A creation of 2ndAcr, the Vincent-Class Mk 39b Corvette is a WarShip design produced in the Fate Can Be Cruel/Hegemony AU's Star League. The ship is a slight modification of the original Mk39 Class Corvette, most it's weapon system remains the same, the ship has been retrofitted with LF Battery & Mobile HPG. The Mk 39b was built in 2740 prior the start of the Periphery Uprising and was utilized during the conflict by the Forgotten Corp, in the "Eastern" portion of the Periphery States of the Star League trying. The ship was utilized to supplement support forces by escorting YardShips and other larger combatants.

Armament and Equipment[]

The Mk39b Corvette, differs very little from it's Mk39 base model. It retains same features the older design had with enhancements to it's featured equipment.

The ship's firepower is it's two forward missile launchers, firing Barracuda missile for long range engagements, being notably able take out enemy DropShips and Fighter craft without little issue. At closer ranges, ship has a pair of Class 10 Naval Auto Cannons (NAC/10), with one cannon each side front arc with two Large Lasers providing anti-aerospace fighter coverage. The forward side cannons have been given 40 tons of ammunition for 50 rounds of fire, while the 200 tons allotted to the Capital Missile launchers gives it 20 reloads before being depleted.

With no weapons in it's broadsides, the ship must relay on it's rearward weapons handle enemies coming up behind it. Each of it's rear ward side arc's has Class 10 Naval Autocannon, with a complimented with two Large Lasers handling smallcraft and AeroSpace Fighters.

The Mk39b's hull has been fitted with by 10 tons of ferro-carbide armor. With 20% more armor on it's front and rear side facing arcs, while rest of the ship's hull has even proportion of armor.

The most notable difference from the original Mk 39 type ships, is the Mobile Hyperpulse Generator (Mobile HPG) and Lithium-Fusion Battery. These two features allows the ship to act as picket vessel and report of enemy activity to receiving vessel or base and allowing it to rapid redeployment to another solar system if needs to make hasty retreat.


  • Bay 1 - Small Craft (4) - 1 Doors
  • Bay 2 - Fighters (6) - 2 Doors
  • Bay 2 - Cargo (88756.0 Tons) - 1 Doors


  • The Vincent Mk39b Corvette was originally posted on the official BattleTech Forums as part of the Fate Can Be Cruel - Part I fan story series.
  • Fan art of the Vincent belongs to colurbrand.