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Vignettes of the General War (Cover Art)
Vignettes of the General War
Author Liam's Ghost
Series Name General War
Alternate Universe Name General War AU
Year Written June 1st, 2022 to Present
Story Era Alternate Age of War Era


Vignettes of the General War is short-story book covering events leading to a war between Capellan Confederation and Taurian Concordat in late 2579. The conflict is set in a BattleTech universe where naval forces, such as WarShips are more prominent and Star League had not formed.


Aside from the initial formation of the Inner Sphere powers during the Age of War. The Author is a naval/aerospace fan, whom has seeded this setting with concept of armed Primitive JumpShip, which are commonalty known as Pre-Dreadnoughts. Thus is a parallel universe where warships and other changes including lack of efforts to form the Star League have more prominent effects on the universe.

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  • Type 51 Gunboat - Used in the Ngo Megaverse. It also appears in this story's history as being primitive combat ship still in use by the Inner Sphere factions. It was created originally by Liam's Ghost.

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