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Victor Assault Mech (Red Raiders - MWO Style)
Victor Assault OmniMech
Custom Design
Designer Outsider7724
Production information
Manufacturer New Independence Weaponry (Quentin)
Tao Mechworks (Styk)
Model VTR-O
Class Assault OmniMech
Technical specifications
Mass 80 tons
Chassis Modified Alshain Class 920
OmniMech-Endo Steel
Armor Durallex Heavy Armor
Armor Layout
Head: 9
Center (Rear): 33/10
R/L Torso (Rear) 25/7
R/L Arm: 20
R/L Leg: 28
Engine 260-Rated Fusion Engine
10 Double Heat Sinks
Speed 46 km/h Walk
64 km/h (Run)
Jump Jets

Prime Configuration

BV (1.0)
BV (2.0) 2,097 (Prime Config)


The Victor is a flexible Assault OmniMech built May 3070 at the direction of First Prince Victor Steiner-Davion of the Federated Suns. Nicknamed Victor-O, the OmniMech was part of series of conversions of standard or classic BattleMechs re-imaged into modular designs.

Development of the 'Mech began in June of 3070, which began 13 month development/design process until it's trials in May 3071.[1] However, initial trials showed issues with ammunition feeds to the right arm's main weapon. It won't not be until September that design would over come these issues with the second prototype.[2]

The Victor-O was designed as team leader design, utilizing C3 Computer technology to support other units sporting C3.

  • Wiki Note: The Victor-O was originally fluff was conceived originally by Billy Boy Mark II for his fan story The Federated Suns Reborn in it's unique Alternate Universe. The Victor-O was stated out by Outsider7724 based on Billy Boy Mark II's design aspirations.


The Victor-O was built as part efforts to bolster the ranks of the army of the reborn Federated Suns and it was deployed throughout the Armed Federated Suns Forces by February 3072[3]

Armament and Equipment[]

Powered by a GM 320 Rated Fusion Engine on a modified Alshain Endosteel frame. The Victor-O while retains the original design's speed and power plant, the standard Fusion Engine and Endo-steel structure in particular. The older layout allows for better odds of survival verse using Extra Light Fusion Engine. The Assault OmniMech is protected by 13 tons of Durallex Heavy standard armor.
The design has a 33.5 Ton OmniPod capacity.

Primary Configuration
Generalist in design, the Victor-O's main gun comes in form of a long range Gauss Rifle mounted in the OmniMech's right arm. It's secondary weaponry, are three Extended Range Medium Lasers split between the design's side torsos, two right torso, one in the left. A Targeting Computer is added to improve the accuracy of onboard weapons. Four standard Jump Jets in OmniPods are fitted in to legs to return the 'Mech to give it the same tactical movement as the original design.

Ammunition: The Prime carries 3 tons of Gauss Rifle reloads in the right torso OmniPods.

Addition to it's weaponry, the Victor-O is fitted out Guardian ECM and C3 Computer [Slave] to link to other C3 Network computers.

Alternate Configurations[]

  • Alternate Configuration A
    The Alpha is intended to be a Command 'Mech, housing C3 Master Computer for Lance size formation. Not intended to close-in on enemy force, the 'Mech's weaponry features three right arm actuator ER Large Lasers, with pair of Medium Lasers in the right torso, and flamer for some protection from infantry mounted in the head. Like all C3 equiped 'Mechs, this configuration retain's the Prime's ECM Suite. BV (2.0) = 1,811, Cost: 14,711,775 C-bills
  • Alternate Configuration B
    A Close-Quarters combatant configuration which harkens back to the original VTR-9B, sporting right arm mounted Pontiac 100 Autocannon/20. Supporting the 'Mech at longer ranges includes a left arm single ER Large Laser and ER Medium. While having second ER Medium Laser in the head. The Design feature four additional double rated heat sinks. CASE is mounted in the right torso to prevent the Autocannon's 4 tons of ammunition explosion to cascading rest of the 'Mech. BV (2.0) = 1,759, Cost: 11,040,900 C-bills
  • Alternate Configuration C
    Sniper Configuration, the 'Mech sports three Targeting Computer guided Extended-Range Larger Lasers right arm, with single Flamer in the left torso. The Configuration has C3 Slave in the head and six additional Double Heat Sinks. (2.0) = 1,559 Cost: 15,304,000 C-bills
  • Alternate Configuration D
    Mix-Range Fighter, the D Configuration is fitted with single Heavy PPC in the right arm, and two ER Medium Lasers split between Right Arm and the Left Torso. For close range combat, the Victor has a Mech scaled Sword. To allow the design to close with the enemy, a Pod-mounted MASC is fitted to the engine for short bursts of speed. (2.0) = 1,840 Cost: 13,808,400 C-bills

Technical Notes[]

  • Total Cost: 9,299,400 C-bill (Base Line Chassis) - 11,774,400 C-bills (Prime)
  • Battle Value: 1,001 (Base Line - No Weapons) 2,097 (Prime) BV2
  • Tech Rating: E/X-X-E-D


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