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Vanguard Delta-Se


Part of the Battletech AAR series, this is a fan created Video Story series created by Lads-On-Fire on his youtube. The video content is created using the Hairbrain Schemes BattleTech video game. Where the stories are told as back drop of missions using the game itself. Lads-On-Fires tells a detail story with additional visuals he has added in later episodes.

Video series centers around the Vanguard Delta-Se, a BattleMech mercenary company operating at end of the Third Succession War. The stories told centers recounts from recorded personal journal of Timotheus Sorenson. He gives recollection of his unit story of rebuilding of unit in the wake of Third Succession War ending and it's old commander. Beginnings of new unit reformed ruins of the old, Vanguard Delta-Se, as they take on missions some cases questionable missions and trying to survive those who contract them.

Synopsis by Author/Creator[]

Welcome ladylads and gentlelads to the pilot episode of a Battletech AAR series focusing on one of my merc companies: Vanguard Delta-Se and its commander known as "1000-Yards".

Videos Episodes[]


Vanguard Delta-Se - Episode 1 - Acala

Vanguard Delta-Se - Episode 1 - Acala


Vanguard Delta-Se - Episode 2 - Anaea Defense

Vanguard Delta-Se - Episode 2 - Anaea


Thousand Yards Battletech AAR 3 Anaea Defense

Vanguard Delta-Se - Episode 3 - Anaea Defense

Vanguard Delta-Se Battletech AAR 4 Caria Disaster

Vanguard Delta-Se - Episode 4 - Caria Disaster

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