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Urban Mech Assault (by JolleboiJack)
UrbanMech Assault
Custom Design
Designer JolleboiJack
Production information
Manufacturer Orguss Industries
Model UMA-101
Class Assault
Technical specifications
Mass 100 tons
Chassis Standard
Armor Durallex Medium
Head: 9
CT/CTR: 40/13
Arms: 29
Legs: 35
Engine Nisson 200 Fusion Engine
12 Head Sinks
Speed 23 km/h (Walk) 32.4 km/h (Run)
Jump Jets 60 Meters
BV (1.0) ???
BV (2.0) 1,656


The UrbanMech Assault is a Assault weight BattleMech built originally by Orguss Industries during the last years of the Star League Era. The design is a based on the original canon light 'mech by the same name, the UrbanMech.

The UMA was created & drawn by fan artist, JolleboiJack.

Armament and Equipment[]

Similar in appearance to it's light weight originator. This 100 ton version of the light weight mech is assault weight combatant designed for city combat. While restricted to a 200-Rated Fusion Engine, the hull's has considerable amount of protection with 16.5 tons of armor handle close quarters combat.

UMA has all range weaponry, in form of 3 Class 10 Autocannons with three tons of ammunition feeding it's greedy weapons. Backing up three long reaching Large Lasers mounted in mainly left torso and center


  • UMA-102 - Close Range version of the UMA-101, swapping out large lasers and Class 10 autocannons for three Class 20 Autocannons, three medium lasers. BV (2.0) 1,665 (8,07,667 C-bills)
  • UMA-103 - Updated 101, with modern Star League Tech weapons, namely replacing the autocannons with Gauss Rifles with 3 tons of ammunition. Cost: 8,096,667 C-bills, BV: 2,169
  • UMA-101-DS - Updated 101, retaining all the original large lasers & autocannons but changing out the single heat sinks for 12 double heat sinks. Cost: 7,896,667 C-bills, BV: 1,759
  • UMA-101-XA - Upgrade Kit for the stock UrbanMech Assault 101 Model, armed with LB-X 10 Autocannons in place of the standard model, 2 of the original left arm Large Lasers and adding two medium lasers in center torso and in the head. It's engine has been upgraded to a XL Fusion engine, increasing the 'mech's speed. The 3 tons of LB-X Ammunition is split between 2 side torso. Cost: 23,274,00 C-bills, BV: 2,300
  • UMA-101-XB - A variant of XA Upgrade Kit. Retaining XL Fusion engine and retains 'mech's newer higher 54 km/p speed. XB gains additional ammunition BV (2.0) 2,201 (23,268,277 C-bills)


  • Tech Rating: D/X-E-D-D
  • Cost: 7,760,667 C-bills

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Wiki Note[]

  • JolleboiJack created the MegaMek files for this mech so anyone may use it for game play.

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Author's download link for UrbanMech Assault files