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UrbanMadCat 2
Custom Design
Designer DragonCat
Production information
Manufacturer Refit
Model Custom
Class Light
Technical specifications
Mass 35 tons
Chassis Standard
Armor Heavy Ferro-Fibrous
Engine Fusion 60
Speed 32 km/h
Jump Jets None
  • 2xLight PPCs
  • 4xMedium Laser
  • 2xRocket Launcher/20
BV (1.0) 530
BV (2.0) 690[1]


Brain child of astechs of the McCoy’s Malcontents Mercenary band. This usual custom mech origin comes from the unit's commander, Schuyler McCoy, whom hails from the St Ives Compact. It had been taken originally UrbanMech with the commander and his like-minded MechWarriors when they went rogue when former Capellan Confederation breakaway state of St Ives joined the Federated Suns in 32nd Century.

Inspired by Clan's signature Heavy OmniMech, the Timber Wolf (better known as the MadCat). Astech set about remodeling the slow moving, walking cylinder/trashcan shaped light Mech to emulate the large OmniMech. Thus it's name, the UrbanMC.

Armament and Equipment[]

The UrbanMC while retaining much of the interior space of the original UrbanMech such as the standard 60-Rated Fusion Engine, and standard superstructure. To make spaces for changes, the Mech would lose it's mobility in form of removal of the JumpJets. In place, to make way for the improvements, such as 5.50 tons of Heavy Ferro-Fibrous Armor, giving it the UrbanMC endurance in a fire fight. What is largely new structurally, is the mech does have lower arm actuators, but no hand actuators, much like it's Clan Mech it tries to emulate.

In place of the original UM60's Class 10 autocannon and small laser, the UrbanMC sports pair of long reaching Light PPCs, back up by four Medium Lasers, 1 in each arm teamed with Light PPC, and while remaining two are placed in center torso. To give the Mech additional killing power, to finish off a an opponent, the Mech has pair of single use Rocket Launcher 20 in of the side torsos. It's appearance to those unaware (and at distance) resembling Timber Wolf / MadCat. The Mech is equipped with only 13 Single Heatsinks, which can make firing weapons be challenging if they do not bracket fire.


Created by DragonCat for his Alternate Timeline with Thanks (AU), this mech servers as part of his AU's mercenary bands operating in the each 3100s.