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Tyr's Elite
Unit Profile (as of 3081)
CO Lord Arryon
JumpShips 4
DropShips 16
Aerospace 2 Wings
Armor 1 Company
Infantry 2 Companies


created by the local lord Arcturus Arryon in a high class bar on Coventry, the Tyr's Elite have been known to take on almost exclusivly high risk missions with a preference against their most hated enemy: House Liao. their hatred for the Great House started due to discrepancies in terms of payment and regularly being used as guards on minor and outlying bases. Tyr's Elite prefer to work with the Federated Suns especially their ruling house Davion. Tyr's Elite has acquired many various mechs of both Inner Sphere, Clan and custom origin.


Lord Arcturus Arryon-Tyr's Elite Leader
Thorin Crow(Ex-Clan Snow Raven)-First Officer
Hans Abel-Second Officer
Hermen Kröger-Third Officer


Tyr's Elite tend to use small lances of heavy Battlemechs to break through the walls of enemy forces. they also favor the Angel ECM in almost all of their lances and like to retrofit their mechs with them and Stealth Armor, although it is a hard process to do but it helps with their operations.


Main Lance[]

Lord Arryon (Vulture Alt. Config. B)
Ectar Karlsonn (Axman)
Harry Rehbein (Lao Hu)
Ernst Gorhing (Ha Otoko 2)

Second Lance[]

Thorin Crow (Blood Prophet)
Ariana Keigwin (Lynx)
Davis Marks (AnubisABS-3L)
Sem Jorgensson (Jagermech)

Third Lance[]

Hans Abel (Maelstrom)
Aris Norizuchi (Warhammer IIC)
Cal Shen (Hellforge)
Mokk Tal (Catapult)

Augmented Scout Lance[]

Hermen Kröger (Kabuto)
Cairn Olarthin (Kabuto)
2 squads of Kage light battle armor