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Custom Design
Designer Jokebox1996Advanced
Production information
Manufacturer Kesco Heavy Industries
Model TSR-1A
Class Assault
Cost 20,500,000
Technical specifications
Mass 100 Tons
Chassis Endo Steel
Armor Ferro Fiberous
Engine 26-Ton XL Fusion Engine
Speed 60 KM/H
Jump Jets None

2x Light PPC

 4x Medium Pulse Laser
 1x Heavy Guass Rifle
 2x Clan LRM-20
BV (1.0)
BV (2.0) 2,500

 Hello Im Jokebox1996Advanced if you have any questions please tell me about it in the talk page.


The Tsar is an Inner-Sphere 100 ton Assault Battlemech developed during the Clan Invasion. The mech' is notable for its use of Clan Technology. Its apperance is quite odd, being slender and very tall and wide. Despite its odd apperance it manages to pack 20 tons of Ferro-Fiberous Armor onto its slender frame. Inside it has 16 Double heat sinks to keep it cool. It also mounts a 26 ton XL Fusion Engine that gives it a moderate top speed of 60 KM/H. This fierce mech was known to be able to fight toe to toe with even the strongest clan Mech's.


The Tsar mounts a blistering array of weapons, the designers goal was to give the mech power at any range. For long range engagements it has 2x Light PPC's in its Left arm and 2x Clan LRM-20's in its upper torso , For medium range engagements it has a single Heavy guass Rifle in its right arm that is Murderous at 500km or less,and for a close range punch it has 4x Medium Pulse Lasers on its lower torso which melt infrantry and mechs alike. Although not equiped with Jump Jets it has provisions for after market installation.


Fan Made Mech