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These House Rules for Tractor-Trailers addresses a perceived need to increase the amount of cargo (or trailer) mass that can be hauled by a land tractor. Current rules state that a land tractor has a 1:1 tractor:cargo relationship (with the exception on rails), while in real life, modern land vehicles are routinely built and used to transport far heavier loads than they themselves mass.


The Another try at Technical Readout:Vehicle Annex and tractor/trailer rules thread on the Doc (Player) suggested the following rules as a possible method.


1) A wheeled or tracked tractor can pull up to 1x its own mass with no penalties, and 2x its weight with a 50% reduction in speed rounded down.

Ex: a 75-ton land tractor can pull itself and a 75-ton trailer at 4/6. If another 75-ton trailer were attached (the total trailer load is now twice the tractor's own 75 tons), the speed would be 2/3.


2) For each multiple of the tractor's mass pulled, halve the allowed speeds.

Ex: a 100-ton land tractor moves unhitched at 4/6. When a 100-ton trailer is hitched, it can pull itself and the load at a reduced speed of 2/3. If a second 100-ton trailer were added, the speed would be reduced to 1/2.