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Tinman II
Tinman II
Custom Design
Designer Qesun Vendak

Project Dark Fox

Production information
Manufacturer ---
Model TIN-H10
Class Light
Technical specifications
Mass 35 Tons
Chassis Oz type III
Armor --- (Standard)
Engine GM 70
Speed 32.4
Jump Jets Icarus 81
  • 1xAutocannon/10
  • 1xER Small Laser
  • 1xHatchet
BV (1.0) 570
BV (2.0)


"This 'Mech was put to use in recent combat earlier by an enemy force and succeeded to win in a melee duel against one of our own. Treat this unit with extreme caution in the urban landscape." ~ Unnamed Commanding Officer

While at first appearing similar to the UrbanMech, it wouldn't take long for an experienced pilot to locate the differences. The arm holding the Hatchet would be the first big clue that it's the nastier big brother.


This design started out simple. Looking for a cheap way to improve his UrbanMech, a pilot actually went through the trouble of retrofitting his 'Mech. He made simple changes. By stripping out his Small Laser and a spare (see 'useless') heat sink, he found himself with a ton and a half to work with. Jokingly, another pilot said, "Why don't you stick an axe on it. Just about nothing could be worse than that laser." Oddly enough, that's exactly what he did. With the help of a few friends, a Hatchet and arm were fashioned from salvaged Hatchetman parts. The new design, for all its 'silliness,' was more effective in its favorite urban environments. It could, for all intents and purposes, jump in on his enemies and do twice as much damage as the weapon the Hatchet replaced.

A start up got wind of this design, and knowing how cheap the UrbanMech was, started developing a new 'Mech based off of this odd mod. Making it five tons heavier, they opened up more room for usage while only increasing the size of the engine slightly. The extra tonnage also provided a little more weight behind the machine's blows. The Autocannon/10 was kept (and had its ammo replaced with AP ammo, though it still has ten shots), and with the spare tonnage, they even added the Small Laser again (though it was upgraded to an ER Small Laser). More armor, and then to amplify it's role as a melee fighter in the thick of it, provided the machination with Triple Strength Myomer. With the Triple Strength Myomer active, the Tinman could bring serious hurt upon its foes.


Only seen either as UrbanMech retrofits thusly named 'Tinmen' or as the few actual 'Tinmen II.' Some pilots are rather wary about trying to use a melee weapon in something so slow.


  • UM-T1 - The -T1 is the model that inspired the Tinman II. -T1 is actually the originally retrofitted 30 ton UrbanMech. By sacrificing a heat sink, the Small Laser, and a half ton of armor, the -T1 was able to run around with an axe and inspire the creators of the TIN-H10.