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This is the Way the World Ends (Cover Art)
This is the Way the World Ends - Wolf Skinners (3024)
Author Daryk
Doc Agren (Contributing Writer)
Truetanker (Contributing Writer)
SANSd20 (Contributing Writer)
Deathstalker (Contributing Writer)
Series Name Wolf Skinners
Alternate Universe Name
Year Written July, 2019 - Ongoing
Story Era Alternate Late Succession Wars Era


This is the Way the World Ends - Wolf Skinners [3024] is a fan story of mercenaries on the run into the Periphery when they crash land on desert world of Astrokaszy.

The overall story written by Daryk, while in unique fashion the story characters are written by contributing writers/readers. This is essentially a roleplaying game by post


Events prior to the year 3024 are unchanged, only the events onward are altered by choices and information the main character knows.

Notable Characters[]

  • Major Skinner, Commanding officer and co-owner of the Wolf Skinner Mercenary Company
  • Captain Skinner, Commanding officer of the Wolf Skinner Union Class DropShip, Mondez

Chapter Links[]

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  • Wiki Story Note: Story is told on majority through a series of brief paragraph size entries. Sections entered are essentially, done as not unlike a military log. The story itself is loosely a RPG campaign being slowly unfolded as time goes on.
    2) - The story features individuals whom are listed as Contributing Writers. These are individuals whom are writing small parts of the overall story in bits and pieces rather than helping with overall stories. These Contributing Writing sections can be seen permissible reader/player input which helped add color to the story.
  • Wiki Editor Note : This book's chapters have been edited by Outsider7724 to correct misspellings and grammar errors only.

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