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The Quest - Fan Story Cover 2
The Quest
Author 2ndAcr
Series Name N/A
Alternate Universe Name The Quest AU
Year Written 2018-2020
Story Era Succession Wars Era
Clan Invasion Era
Civil War Era
Jihad Era


The Quest is a Space Opera / Military Drama saga. The first entry was written by 2ndAcr starting in November 2018 till January 2020. It is written as a forum-story, each post a chapter.

This tells the tale two characters, a uncle and nephew; The Uncle, a descendant of a Star League Era SLDF Commodore, who decides to under take what would be seem to be a fool hardy quest to find lost WarShips. His quest, using his ancestor's notes which foretells where these lost treasures could be found and the consequences of finding them.

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This is alternate telling of the BattleTech universe from start of 31sth Century, where Henry Mitchell and later his nephew Scott effect the universe. 2ndAcr retelling changes the persona of major characters and their behavior.

The Universe is radially changed by Henry's efforts salvage lostech and fruits of his labors.

Introduction from the Book[]

When the SLDF began the Exodus, the 31st Provisional Fleet Logistics Squadron elected to stay behind. Their commander, Commodore Henry Mitchell moved the Squadron to the Federated Suns where he formed Mitchell's Space Recovery and Salvage. The company consisted of 2 Star Lord Jumpships, 2 Elephant tugs, 2 Aqueduct Dropships and 8 Mule Dropships. During the savage fighting of the Succession Wars, Mitchell's Salvage assisted the AFFS by helping recover and salvage many Dropships, Jumpships and even a few Warships. By the time Commodore Mitchell passed away in 2823, the company had added 2 Merchant Jumpships to its fleet.

Control of the company passed to his 2 sons. Bickering between the 2 brothers saw the company go thru a major shakeup, the oldest son wanted to continue with his father’s support of the AFFS, though it was never a major money maker since their father felt it was his duty in time of war to assist. The younger son wanted to make money. To end the bickering, the 2 Merchant Jumpships and 4 Mule Dropships were transferred to a new company Mitchell's Interstellar Transport. Over the next 220 years Mitchell's Salvage stayed afloat but just barely while Mitchell's Interstellar thrived and grew. The 2 sides of the family slowly grew apart over the years.

Mitchell's Interstellar Transport based from Pattonsburg where this side of the Mitchell family bought an entire continent as their company headquarters and as a place for the company’s families. Port Mitchell was founded here and grew to a huge spaceport and trans-shipment location for goods being transported. The company grew to over 30 Jumpships and 100 Dropships moving goods all over the Federated Suns.

On the other side of the family, Mitchell's Salvage had fully caught the salvage bug and moved from one war zone to another salvaging damaged Jumpships and Dropships for the AFFS, never for a fortune but duty. Until 2921 that is, it was during this year that the head of Mitchell's Salvage sold 1 Starlord, 2 Mules and 1 Aqueduct to his distant cousin and took the remaining Starlord, 2 Elephants, 1 Aqueduct, 2 Mules to the Federated Suns Periphery border and began chasing tales of lost warships that could be salvaged. His distant cousin called him a fool, but he would show him. 132 years later, they were still trying to show them.

Main Characters[]

  • Henry Mitchell - House Davion Aerospace Businessman, cousin to Duke Douglas Mitchell
  • Scott Mitchell - Soldier, son of Duke Douglas Mitchell
  • Boss - Shipyard Manager
The Quest (3061) Map - FedCom Outer March

The FedCom's Outer March


  • Novel Ending : Author has ceased continuing to write the book, it appears to been for reasons of era he was to write in was not something he was abled to do. He had planned to revisit the series, but not likely.

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