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The Outer Colonies Region (Source Book) Cover Art
The Outer Colonies Region
Product information
Type Online Sourcebook
Author Starbug
Primary writing Starbug/JA Baker
Publication information
First published April 2011
Content Online Sourcebook
Era Alternate Succession Wars Era
Timeline 3046/3066
Series The Outer Colonies Region


The Outer Colonies Regions is a fan a Online Sourcebooks written & produced by long time Battletech player/fan, Starbug (Also known as JA Baker).

The source is based on premise of a book that comes into hands of mysterious conspiracist whom is trying expose information to the public at large. The book itself is about a far flung and lost ego-political component of the Star League whom survived it's parent nation demised. The book is written as a review of this nation-state in Deep Periphery and its current status as of 3046 unbeknownst public at large except for the mystery broker of information and rumor known as Starling.

Originally published on, the sourcebook originally published as a Forum oriented book was written in segments. It will posted here in same manner on the wiki.


"Here is a little something that surprised even me: it seems that somewhere out in the Deep Periphery, past the Chainelane Isles and the Hanseatic League, so far off the map it's almost into the realms of there be dragons!, there may well be a little corner of the old Star League still running along like the last 300 years never happened. I only know about this place because a contact of mine 'acquired' a book about it during a card-game with some independent prospectors in the employ of Interstellar Expeditions, out on Cyclops Station, and thought it might interest me. It was printed on high quality paper, and has the look and feel of a High School text book. Normally I wouldn't even look twice at something like this, but my contact insisted it was legitimate, and I've learnt to trust her instincts on this sort of thing.
So, just who are these so-called Outer Colonies? And where did they come from?
That, as ever, is the 64,000 C-Bill question..."



The book is set canon universe where a non-canon/periphery colonies were established by Star League before its demised. While in in isolation, have no effect as of yet on the Inner Sphere or the Clans (Star League descendants) development until book touches on.

Chapter Links[]

The Outer Colonies Region Chapters
Introduction - History
Outer Colonies Defense Force - Army
Outer Colonies Defense Force - Navy
The Knights Templar
The Outer Colonies - Planetary Listings
The Brotherhood Of The Blood
3065 Update
The Marshals
To Leadership Meet
The Hark Corporation
Foreign Relations
Outer Colonies Defense Force Commissioned & Enlisted Rank
Important Battles & Campaigns
The New Americas
The Gothic Empire
Tournament of Shadows (Short Story)
Chapter 18
Chapter 19
Chapter 20
Chapter 21
Chapter 22
Chapter 23
Chapter 24
Chapter 25
Chapter 26
Chapter 27
Chapter 28
Chapter 29
Chapter 30
  • Wiki Note 1: - Book is being published in pages / chapters verses the subject manner. It will Be listed by name on this index page for the sourcebook. Individual posting of Mech/Ship/Combat Vehicle/Fighter designs will be in a form of stand alone articles linked to their intended pages. Many of the designs were made using highly customized design program which allowed manual adjustments. Due to rule changes, many are no longer possible to make.

Wiki Note[]

  • Note 2: The book was ported here with permission of Starbug/JA Baker many years ago but not til recently it began the process of being ported here.
  • Note 3: The source book was not published in one release, but in chapter style posts on the's Forums. Thus they are broken up as they are here. If possible they will be collected into one style book if possible.

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