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Dust Devils Unit Insignia.png
Dust Devils
Unit Profile (as of 3065)
CO Commandant Tai Kekoa
Formed 3043
JumpShips Yes
DropShips Yes
BattleMechs Yes
Aerospace Yes
Armor No
Infantry Yes

The Dust Devils are a combined-arms mercenary command, and represent the primary character faction for the Dust Devils AU and the subject of most stories written in that universe.

MRBC Unit Brief - 3065[]

The unit formerly known as Markham’s Marauders has come a long way from rocky beginnings. The coup that saw the ruler of the Aurigan Coalition (a minor Periphery state) violently deposed and apparently killed by her uncle in early 3040 left the unit in dire straits, having lost their CO and much of their personnel in the violence. Three years of ill luck and unsteady employment later, the Marauders were hanging by a thread in the Rimward Periphery’s backwater, understaffed, underequipped, and kept on a short leash by creditors who preferred that the unit default and be forced to forfeit Mechs and materiel. To all indicators, their fate was to be one all too common to independent commands.

Fortunately for the Marauders, the Coalition’s deposed ruler, Lady Kamea Arano, had not in fact died in the coup. Past association with the unit’s CO, Leilani Kekoa, led her Arano Restoration to hire them to assist in the overthrow of her uncle’s Aurigan Directorate and reclamation of her throne. It was during this campaign that the unit obtained its permanent moniker: Intercepted debriefs of the (few) Directorate survivors of a series of surprise raids on Itrom described them as “appearing out of the dust storms like some kind of demons”, to the great amusement of the Marauders’ command staff, who renamed the unit on the spot. Thus, the Dust Devils were born, and proved instrumental to victory over the Directorate, the delivery of war criminal Santiago Espinoza to justice for a terrorist attack in the Taurian Concordat, and the restoration of the Aurigan Coalition under Arano rule in 3045.

The end of the conflict found the Devils cleared of all debts, flush with operating cash and materiel, and in possession of a unique mobile base of operations in the form of a Star League-era Argo-class DropShip, which they rechristened DDS Makani ʻIno. They put these assets to use building a solid reputation serving various clients in the Periphery over the next two years, but the inherent bias of Successor State employers prevented access to more lucrative spheroid markets.

The Dust Devils’ big break came in the early months of 3047, when in the course of pursuing a group of black marketeers for the Draconis Combine the unit came into conflict with a pair of legends: Natasha Kerensky’s Black Widow Company and the infamous Bounty Hunter. The Devils managed a massive upset when they came out on top in a series of engagements with both factions’ forces, culminating with a victory in a three-way brawl against Kerensky and the Bounty Hunter themselves. Though triggering a feud between the Devils and the Dragoons in general and Kerensky in particular that would eventually have devastating consequences for the unit, these victories also put the unit on the map, drawing the attention of clients previously out of reach. Commander Kekoa leveraged the increased revenue to expand her Mech lance to a full company, acquire AeroSpace Fighters and DropShips, and refit a derelict JumpShip. From there she shifted focus to quality over quantity, expanding her support operations and upgrading her arsenal.

By the time the Clans invaded in 3050, the Devils had a reputation as a dependable, well-equipped surgical strike force which, coupled with their unique logistical resources, gave the unit a very good sales pitch for those nations attempting to slow the invaders' progress. The unit achieved modest success operating in the Clans’ under-defended rear areas raiding supply lines, supporting resistance cells, and generally making life difficult for the Clan garrisons while avoiding engagement with frontline units for the first few years of the invasion. However, the Truce of Tukayyid’s creation of a surplus of frustrated Clan warriors with fewer opportunities to vent their bloodlust caused said warriors to begin seeking combat with opponents previously deemed beneath their notice. Before long independent units raiding the OZ found themselves suffering increasing losses at the hands of more skilled Clan opponents, and the risks of operating in the OZ were beginning to outweigh the benefits. Commandant Kekoa decided to seek employment elsewhere and withdrew her forces from the Clan front to the Rimward Periphery in 3054.

A three-year garrison, cadre, and anti-piracy contract on Thraxa in the Magistracy of Canopus gave the Devils much-needed breathing room (with the exception of an excursion into Marian territory to recover their kidnapped CO) to refit , recruit, train, and expand with the addition of a company of skilled infantry to their forces. At the close of their term with the MAF, the unit returned to the Inner Sphere and signed on with the Capellan Confederation for Operation GUERRERO, and remained in Capellan employ after the conclusion of that short campaign for the better part of the following year undertaking covert assignments, the details of which are bound by non-disclosure agreements.

3059 saw the Devils return to the Clan front under contract to the newly-resurrected Second Star League Defense Force, supporting Operation BIRD DOG against Clan Smoke Jaguar. After the Jaguars’ Annihilation, the Devils left SLDF employ and resumed hiring themselves out to various parties for operations in the Occupation Zones and Coreward Periphery, avoiding initial involvement in the Federated Commonwealth Civil War in favor of engaging their preferred enemies: slavers and Clan garrisons. Equipment upgrades during their time on Thraxa allowed for mitigation of their previous difficulties with more skilled and wary Clan opposition, but unfortunately, such success was not to last.

In early 3064, the Devils were executing a technology raiding contract for the Lyran Alliance against a series of worlds deep in the Wolf and Hell's Horses OZ's. After successfully striking two of their three targets, the unit was caught by the Wolves' 11th Battle Cluster in an ambush on Kufstein in which they suffered over 50% losses to their Mech and AeroSpace forces in a fighting retreat, including Commandant Leilani Kekoa. Grief turned to rage on the discovery that the Devils’ liaison, Colonel Graf Alban Stieglitz-Bradford, had sold their operational plans to the Wolves' Watch weeks before the Devils arrived on-planet. Stieglitz-Bradford was wounded in a subsequent hostage standoff, and the Devils withdrew to Outreach to seek restitution.

In the arbitration that followed, the MRBC ruled that Stieglitz-Bradford’s actions constituted a breach of contract, and that the Devils were within their rights to abandon further operations. The resulting settlement required that the LAAF pay for the successful targets struck and forfeit all salvage rights from those raids completed prior to the ambush. This last was a sore loss for the LAAF; among those targets was a well-stocked Hell's Horses logistics depot on Engadin the Devils had taken largely intact. It was not a complete defeat for the Lyrans, however; they were only required to pay two-thirds of the agreed contract fee (as the survival of the final target was viewed as a failure on the Devils' part) and were able to force the inclusion of a clause into the settlement denying any admission of deliberate wrongdoing on the part of the LAAF as a whole, placing sole responsibility for the incident with their liaison officer, but also reserving sole right to determine the penalties said officer would face. The terms of the settlement additionally prohibit public disclosure of any further details of the proceedings or arguments therein, but whatever the case, the Dust Devils’ formerly cordial relations with the Lyran Alliance have apparently gone quite cold, and though formally discharged from the LAAF, Graf Stieglitz-Bradford maintained his title and significant landhold on Santana without further censure, noteably unusual for actions that would typically constitute treason in time of war.

The Dust Devils dropped out of sight for approximately nine months after the close of arbitration. The MRBC has no official record of employment or combat activity during this time, but apparently a good portion of it was used to restore, upgrade, and expand their forces; the Dust Devils recently returned to active status with the MRBC having replaced their casualties with seasoned recruits, reconfigured and expanded their Mech company into a Clan-style Trinary with extensive technical upgrades, added a Star of Battle Armor to their infantry company, and refitted their DropShip fleet to accommodate their new force configuration. After a review of current capabilities, the MRBC has allowed the Devils to maintain their A rating in spite of the previous year’s losses and period of inactivity.

Camel and coral are the primary and detail colors, respectively, of the Dust Devils, and their insignia resembles a living, demonic version of the atmospheric phenomenon for which the unit is named, set on a coral-trimmed brown circle.

MRBC Unit Rating: A


Commandant Tai Kekoa, though new to command and young for the position, is by no means new to combat, as their kill list can attest. Kekoa was also groomed for eventual command since their adoption by the Devils’ late CO, Leilani Kekoa, but in the event that this training falls short they are also able to draw on the wisdom and decades of experience of their seasoned XO, Lieutenant Commander Darius Oliveira.

Wing Captain Corazon Rivera, a veteran of the Outworlds Alliance’s celebrated 1st Alliance Air Wing, commands the Devil’s Aerospace Fighter squadrons. After a few years running an independent command, Rivera realized she preferred the cockpit to the calculator, and accepted the late Commandant’s offer to buy her unit and merge it into the Dust Devils’ TO&E.

Subaltern Derek Jordan, CO of the Devils’ infantry and Battle Armor company, is a veteran of the Magistracy Information Ministry's Active Response Corps. Beyond that, Jordan's professional record is sealed by the MIM, including the conditions of his departure from that service. That he has successfully managed to establish a small Battle Armor combat team under a former Clan Hell's Horses Elemental in a unit with such an adversarial relationship with Clan culture indicates that he is more than just a skilled combat operative, but a capable commander as well.

Group Captain Sumire Meyer has been with the unit since the Marauder days, and has since been promoted to overall command of the unit’s DropShip flotilla from the bridge of the DDS Makani ʻIno. An incredibly skilled pilot, Meyer’s flying prowess has proven crucial to both success and survival for the Devils over the years.

Like Meyer, Chief Technician Yang Virtanen is a founding member of the Dust Devils. A consummate BattleMech tinkerer, Virtanen was among the early pioneers in integrating Clantech into Inner Sphere equipment. The Devils have opted to provide his findings to other independent commands free of charge as part of their very vocal stance that the industry as a whole would suffer from falling behind their employers’ technological capabilities.


The Dust Devils’ entire TO&E is tailored to create a combined-arms force that moves faster and hits harder than expected with the capability to carry away whatever it doesn’t destroy. As such, the Devils prefer operations that play to their strengths as raiders, headhunters, covert operatives, and guerilla fighters, and will generally avoid static defense or line assault engagements. Additionally, their standard contract language specifically prohibits assignment to policing and riot control duties against civilian populations. They will nearly always require command arrangements that allow them to operate independently, as employers’ officers tend to find difficulty similar to that of the Devils’ enemies in adapting to the unit’s unconventional tactics and equipment, and do not hire out their forces piecemeal. Though the Devils will generally agree to allow the embed of an employer’s liaison officer, bitter experience has led them to require the inclusion of very strict operational security agreements in such contracts.

On the other hand, the Devils make no secret of their willingness to offer relatively generous monetary discounts in exchange for more favorable salvage terms. It is unknown what the Devils do with the significant salvage they are known to acquire, as the command has not fielded an increase of combat units, many of their new recruits brought their own equipment with them, the MRBC has no records of sales to affiliated brokers, and the Devils themselves decline to comment on the issue. Regardless, this discounting does not seem to have had an impact on the unit’s cashflow.


The Dust Devils invest heavily in their support operation; a combination of generous pay, benefits, and the exceptional facilities and amenities of the Makani ʻIno generally allows them their pick of applicants, as well as internal recruiting from graduates of the educational programs the unit provides to its dependents. As such, the Devils enjoy full coverage of their support needs as well as a boon to recruitment: One benefit enjoyed by combat personnel who bring their own machines is a full upgrade and refit of said equipment to at least parity with the rest of the Devil’s arsenal, and any installed components under this program become sole property of the owner-operator after a set term of service. Those who decide to part ways with the unit prior to their term are given the option to either purchase their upgrades at a fair price, or have their machine restored to its original condition upon signing on with the command.

For transportation, the Devils maintain a sizable fleet for such a small command, including their private Tramp Royal-class JumpShip DDS Slipstream and six DropShips: three Montgomery-class Mech/ASF carriers, one Necromancer-class salvage vessel, one Derecho-class assault ship, and of course the Makani ʻIno herself. With ample space and facilities for all personnel, materiel, and even the unit’s dependents, the Devils are able to operate as a completely nomadic command, untethered to any one world or region.

Organizational Structure[]

The Dust Devils organize their roughly battalion-sized force into “formations”, each with their own appellation, insignia, organizational structure, and independent chain of command which reports directly up to the Executive Officer, who reports to the Commandant. The commanding officer of each formation is also incorporated into the unit's command staff, a sort of advisory council for the Commandant.

Mech Trinary Insignia

The Dust Devils[]

BattleMech Trinary/Veteran/Reliable

Having had their fill of being outnumbered by default when facing comparable Clan units and for the most part being denied the more level playing field of zelbrigen, Commandant Kekoa reorganized their BattleMech company into a Clan-style Trinary in 3064. Each Star goes to battle in a mix of weight classes, allowing each to operate independently without loss of tactical flexibility. While only having enough transport capacity to deploy the core Trinary in a single drop, the Makani ʻIno’s generous facilities allows the unit to maintain a small trainee cadre and enough spare Mechs to allow them to step in for wounded or exhausted regulars, which allows the Devils to redeploy quickly at strength in an emergency even after suffering significant casualties.

The Devils do not seem to make use of captured or salvaged Clan Mechs, and instead prefer to incorporate advanced technology, be it captured ClanTech, recovered LosTech, or recent Inner Sphere innovations, into recognizeable Inner Sphere designs (the better to catch enemies off-guard with unexpected capabilities). As such, it should be noted that the model numbers listed below are close approximations based on the stock chassis prior to Virtanen's team getting their hands on them. All of the unit's Mechs have been extensively upgraded, with many of their machines incorporating sufficient "donor" components of other designs as to technically qualify as "FrankenMechs", but thanks to the skill of their technicians and the quality of their facilities do not seem to suffer the drawbacks usually found in jury-rigged chassis. Though these upgrades vary from Mech to Mech, in line with their preferred tactics every machine features at least upgraded engines and myomers, jump capability, and at least one functional hand, regardless of whether the stock version of the design included them.

BattleMech Trinary TO&E - 3065
Position Name Rank MRBC Rating BattleMech
Opal Star
Unit CO/Opal One Tai Kekoa Commandant Veteran KGC-666 King Crab
Opal Two Nala Wanjiku Cornet III Veteran BNC-3M Banshee
Opal Three Holly O'Connell Cornet II Regular ASD-7-HT Atlas II
Opal Four Yagami Kenshin Cornet V Elite PHX-1b Phoenix Hawk
Opal Five Hani Kawaii Cornet II Green PNT-9R Panther
Turquoise Star
Turquoise One Malohi Tupou Subaltern III Elite HGN-732b Highlander
Turquoise Two Kjirsten Kolbek Cornet IV Veteran THG-10E Thug
Turquoise Three Jackson Cole Cornet II Regular SHD-2K Shadow Hawk
Turquoise Four Nathan Holn Cornet II Regular VND-3L Vindicator
Turquoise Five Aaliyah Shaaban Cornet II Regular MON-66b Mongoose
Onyx Star
Onyx One Roshni Partha Subaltern I Veteran BLR-1G BattleMaster
Onyx Two Diego Torres Cornet IV Veteran BRS-B11 Brass Bull
Onyx Three Truck Streets Cornet II Regular TDR-5S Thunderbolt
Onyx Four Tariq Barboza Cornet II Regular ASN-21 Assassin
Onyx Five Tyson Cole Cornet II Green HBK-4P Hunchback
Tumbler Star (Training Cadre)
Tumbler One Amalia Cortez Cornet I Green STN-6EX Sentinel
Tumbler Two Peter Darlon Cornet I Green COM-2D Commando
Tumbler Three Pema-Kelsang Cornet I Green D9-G9 Duan Gung
Tumbler Four Zoe de Haas Cornet I Green MCY-99 Mercury
Tumbler Five Jin-Hoon Pak Cornet I Green JA-KL-1532 Jackal

Hellbats Insignia

The Hellbats[]

2 AeroSpace Fighter Squadrons/Veteran/Reliable

The Devils’ nomadic lifestyle requires a higher ratio of aerospace assets than is typical for a mercenary command. When in transit, the Hellbats’ mix of upgraded Shilones and Chippewas work in tandem with the Devils’ Montgomery and Derecho-class DropShips, providing the more vulnerable Makani ʻIno with an escort capable of seeing off most threats. For planetary operations, Amber Squadron is well-practiced at the precise placement of heavy ordinance on any target that proves difficult for the Devils’ ground forces to crack open, with Ruby there to cover the larger, slower craft and dissuade enemy fighters.

Hellbats TO&E - 3065
Position Name Rank MRBC Rating AeroSpace Fighter
Ruby Squadron
Formation CO/Ruby Leader Corazon Rivera Captain V Elite SL-17R Shilone
Ruby Two Miguel Flannigan Cornet III Veteran SL-17R Shilone
Ruby Three Billie Jo Takeda Cornet IV Elite SL-17R Shilone
Ruby Four Tia Seru Cornet II Regular SL-17R Shilone
Ruby Five Analisa Miller Cornet II Regular SL-17R Shilone
Ruby Six Manuel Rufio Cornet I Green SL-17R Shilone
Amber Squadron
Amber Leader Woodrow Call Subaltern III Elite CHP-W7 Chippewa
Amber Two Teresa Alvarez Cornet III Veteran CHP-W7 Chippewa
Amber Three Li Tung Cornet IV Elite CHP-W7 Chippewa
Amber Four Miliana Tamani Cornet I Green CHP-W7 Chippewa
Amber Five Dak-Ho Manderly Cornet II Regular CHP-W7 Chippewa
Amber Six Leo Graves Cornet II Regular CHP-W7 Chippewa

Vortex Company Insignia

Vortex Company[]

Marine Commando Company/Veteran/Reliable
Battle Armor Star/Regular/Reliable

Vortex Company provides the Devils with highly skilled security and special operations capacity in any environment, from planetside to zero-g, and have apparently benefited from significant investment; advertising materials depict members of the company sporting expensive equipment including laser weaponry, MCE suits, and Blue Shot's new CEX-250 Leapfrog exoskeletons. The recent addition of a Star of Battle Armor (an Aurigan modification of the Free Worlds League's Longinus suits known as the Maero) led by a former Clan Hell's Horses Elemental (who wears her original Clan suit) provides additional muscle, Mastodon C OmniVehicles1 and customized Caballo Cavalry VTOLs provide battlefield mobility and fire support, and DDS Derecho and her NL-42 transports provide the Devils with a capable platform for both planetary raids and ship-to-ship boarding actions.

Vortex Company TO&E - 3065
Formation CO CO Rank CO MRBC Rating Composition
Company HQ Derek Jordan Subaltern V Elite Headquarters Squad
Alpha Platoon Allison Cunningham Cornet IV Veteran 1 Command Squad, 3 Marine Commando Squads
Bravo Platoon Trinh Kian Thi Cornet II Regular 1 Command Squad, 3 Marine Commando Squads
Charlie Platoon Lucas Benoit Cornet III Veteran 1 Command Squad, 3 Marine Commando Squads
Delta Star Roberta Cornet II Regular Battle Armor Star (1 Elemental, 24 Maero)

FG Stardust Insignia

Fleet Group Stardust[]

JumpShip & DropShip Fleet/Veteran/Reliable

Fleet Group Stardust represents the unit's largest formation, containing all DropShip and JumpShip crews and technical staff. While all of the Devils' vessels contain at least some advanced tech after a series of refits and upgrades in their yearlong absence, of particular note is their Tramp Royal-class JumpShip DDS Slipstream. A variant not seen in the Inner Sphere since the days of the Star League, the Slipstream was discovered drifting derelict in the wilds of the Rimward Periphery alongside two of the Devils' three Confederations (prior to their refit to Montgomery-class). Under the careful ministrations of Dr. Farah Murad, the Devils' Chief Engineer, the unit was able to restore all three vessels to working order.

Sporting four Docking Collars to a typical Tramp's three, the vessel is also equipped with an LF battery, allowing the Devils to get their entire fleet into (and out of) trouble quickly with help from the Makani ʻIno’s Multiple Docking Collar System. Additionally, the Slipstream's small craft bays were reconfigured during her refit to accommodate a pair of Chippewa heavy AeroSpace Fighters, which are permanently attached to the fleet group rather than the Hellbats fighter wing as their sole purpose is to guard the JumpShip.

Fleet Group Stardust TO&E - 3065
Position Name Rank MRBC Rating Vessel Class Vessel Designation
Fleet CO/Vessel CO Sumire Meyer Group Captain Elite Argo-class DDS Makani ʻIno
Vessel CO Carmen Drummer Captain III Elite Derecho-class DDS Derecho
Vessel CO Klaus Ashfort Captain III Elite Montgomery-class DDS Raiju Montgomery
Vessel CO Destin Samedi Captain II Veteran Montgomery-class DDS True Grit
Vessel CO Freja Andersen Captain II Veteran Montgomery-class DDS Kaldrvind
Vessel CO Rangi Mehoe Captain II Veteran Necromancer-class DDS Bonechewer
Vessel CO Antony Lopez Captain III Veteran Tramp Royal-class DDS Slipstream

Red Angels Insignia

Red Angels[]

Medical Support Company/Elite/Fanatical

From the moment Dr. Murad's engineering team restored the first of the Makani ʻIno's ancient hospital bays, providing comprehensive, top-of-the-line medical care to the Dust Devils and their dependents became a priority for then-Commander Leilani Kekoa, and that tradition has continued through the unit's growth from lance to company to battalion, and on into her heir's tenure as Commandant. Under the overall command of Chief Medical Officer Dr. Naomi Altera, the Red Angels represent a combination of restored Star League technology and some of the Magistracy's best medical talent and equipment that money can buy. The formation is split into five sections, one for each of the Makani ʻIno's three hospital bays, one for the Derecho's trauma unit, and one made up of field medics seconded to the combat formations. Each section is led by a senior medical officer, and taken together are capable of performing procedures from simple dentistry and inoculations to microsurgery and organ replacement at a standard of care to rival that of any Inner Sphere medical facility.

Yang's 'Yenas Insignia

Yang's 'Yenas[]

Salvage & Support Company/Elite/Reliable
CO: Chief Technician Yang Virtanen

The majority of Virtanen’s skilled technical crew does not, as a rule, deploy to the field. However, the salvage crew has earned the Dust Devils a number of accolades from employers happy with their above-average salvage returns. With the use of a dedicated DropShip in the form of the Necromancer-class DDS Bonechewer, Salrilla exoskeletons, heavy Mech recovery vehicles, and a pair of Vampyr SalvageMechs, the 'Yenas are capable of asset recovery under any conditions.

Rank Structure[]

Dust Devils Ranks & Chain of Command

Fittingly for their origins, the Dust Devils’ rank structure is similar to the military forces of the Federated Suns, Taurian Concordat, and Aurigan Coalition. There is some variance in the level of responsibility for individual ranks, but the general hierarchy remains consistent enough that forces working alongside the unit should have no comprehension issues. Each rank, with the exception of formation heads, additionally has a grade between one and five, allowing for personnel who excel in their position to receive recognition and additional pay without the requirement to advance up the chain of command, if they would prefer to maintain their current level of responsibility.

Colors & Insignia[]

Camel and coral are the primary and detail colors, respectively, of the Dust Devils, and their insignia resembles a living, demonic version of the atmospheric phenomenon for which the unit is named, set on a coral-trimmed brown circle. This insignia is displayed on the left shoulder and cap/helmet badge of all uniforms, the left shoulder and leg for Mechs and Battle Armor; the left fender panels of vehicles; and the tail-fins and left wing of aerospace units. So long as this basic scheme is adhered to, individual pilots or crews are given broad leeway to decorate their machines as they desire. This has resulted in a variety of unique designs on the Devil’s equipment; from the Futhark runes and knotwork motif of one Rasalhagan warrior’s Thug to the stylized “tattoo” murals popular with the unit’s Aurigan pilots and crews, it is evident that Virtanen’s crew has become quite adept at the art of the airbrush. In keeping with broader martial tradition, each pilot or crew is also allowed to add their personal heraldic device to their equipment.

Duty uniforms typically consist of band-collared camel coveralls with coral trim, brown utility boots, and short-brimmed forage cap, though cofiguration and pattern can vary by role or conditions (such as a MechWarrior's coolant suit or Marine Commando's fatigues). All duty uniforms bear formation insignia on the left breast and sub-formation (such as Star, platoon, squadron, or vessel) badge on the right shoulder. Rank insignia is worn both on the right shoulder (below the sub-formation badge) and right-side collar, with grade pips on the left-side collar for graded ranks, while formation COs wear identical rank badges on either collar side.

The Devils’ dress uniform consists of a band-collared camel shell jacket with bronze closures and coral piping on collar, cuffs, and hem; granite jodhpurs with coral side-stripe tucked into calf-height brown harness boots; and a fitted camel brimless pillbox cap trimmed in coral. Formation insignia and rank insignia follows the pattern of the duty uniform, however the dress jacket incorporates bronze shoulder straps with rank insignia above grade pips (or a flat bar in the case of formation COs) to both shoulders in lieu of the right shoulder badge. Officers' jackets have coral sleeve lacing near the cuffs: one band for line officers, two for formation COs, and three for the Commandant. Devils who have earned decorations, either from clients or the unit itself, are allowed to wear them on the dress jacket’s left breast above the formation insignia.


  1. The Mastodon is the Dust Devils AU version of the Badger. Other than the name, the vehicles are identical, having both the Wolf's Dragoons' dumbed-down IS version and the original C versions. The author renamed them to free up a callsign, but also because it never made much sense to them that the Clans would name a new combat vehicle after an animal so closely resembling a Wolverine...