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The Best of Enemies (Cover Art)
The Best Of Enemies (A First Succession War AU)
Author Yellowhammer
Series Name The Best of Enemies
Alternate Universe Name First Succession War AU
Year Written Jan 20th, 2021 - Feb 3rd, 2021
Story Era Early Succession War Era


The Best Of Enemies is a SciFi war drama which takes place during the opening throws of the First Succession War.
The stories focus on the young leader of the Capellan Confederation, Ilsa Liao, whom through string of events tries to steer her people through most violent war mankind has ever experienced.

She ends up making decisions which never accrued in original canon history. Amongst these decisions making, she unwittingly makes an unusual acquaintance.

Author's Description[]

This is a Battletech alternate universe fic. To those non-Grognards reading this, in canon Ilsa Liao was 12 years old when her mother died, leaving the CapCon under the regency of the ambitious and Davion-hating Sandol Quinn (the last non-Liao Chancellor) for six years.

In Canon, Ilsa therefore reached the age of majority and inherited the rulership of a larger but militarily exhausted realm trapped in a two front war with the Free Worlds League having made serious inroads. Meanwhile, the militarily revitalized post-Kentares Federated Suns were smarting for revenge after the CCAF under Quinn attacked them at their lowest point with a ‘stab in the back’ during the Kentares Massacre.

Here, she is 17 years old with a six month regency before her birthday on 19 April 2796 makes her a legal adult and full Chancellor.

Calloway VI was a canonical Capellan attempted counterattack in March 2789 to hit a major FWLM forward base to slow the League down. Unfortunately, several Capellan officers who had been sickened by Barbara Liao abandoning the Ares Conventions to use unrestricted WMD release on civilian targets in the New Delos Massacre leaked the attack plans to the League. The result was a catastrophe for the CCAF, including the loss of both of Chancellor Barbara Liao’s sons in the League ambush. In this AU, it went as canon, save that Ilsa was 11 when her parents and uncle died at Calloway VI (and her grandmother nearly died) instead of 6, so much more of an impact on her psychology.


All events prior to the late First Succession War are canon

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