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The Armada (Cover Art)
The Armada
Author Cannonshop
Series Name The Administrator Series, Book 6
Alternate Universe Name The Administrator AU
Year Written May 2020
Story Era ilClan Era-Alternate Future


A space opera set in the BattleTech Universe, the story was written by fan writer, Cannonshop. The backdrop of the story begins in 3167, where in a distant star cluster of the Deep Periphery is overwhelmed by the arrival of Homeworld Base Clans. In the Chainelane Isles, a detachment of the Kowloon Coast Guard was posted attempt to reign in the lawless region consisting of former Clan colonies and lost settlements of man. The sudden arrival of fleet of Clan JumpShips, being news in their sudden arrive. Word of the pending destruction of Kerensky Cluster by detonation of star by unknown force.

The Armada sets the stage for greatest humanity rescue ever under taken. Herald under the flag of the Star League, a coalition of nations thrown their differences aside to work together for sake of a doomed people. Sharon Ngo, Lyran Admiral, architect of her nation's modern navy, is appointed to head of the reborn SLDF Navy by appointed Star Lord Alaric Ward to head up the expedition to Kerensky Cluster.

The story is the sixth and final book of a multipart story series. This books of Administrator Series somethings referred to alternate setting of the Administrator AU, named the Negoverse. Which is also written by Cannonshop, it is the source material which Administrator AU is based on.

The story picks up from previous story, The Silent Black Ocean.

Main characters[]

  • Sharon Ngo, Fleet Commander of the Lyran Navy & Star League Navy
  • Kyle Von Dammen, Civilian Engineer & Captain of the WS Große Hoffnung, "Great Hope".
  • Christine Vanh, Captain

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The Armada Ocean - Book 6
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Notes from Wiki Editor[]

  • The Administrator AU vs Ngoeverse  : The Administrator AU is based on the Ngoeverse, it's is own universe. An alternated telling of the universe of Negeverse, with new starting point in the Dark Age Era (in Cannonshop's Ngoeverse).
  • Accents: The main characters are descendants of Vietnamese. The author has shown this accent in some of the character's speech. Some words will appear to be misspelled, but are showing how the character accents would sounds. Example: Amanda saying "Ma'am" is spelt as "Mum". This particular accent is consistent across the story chapters.

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