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Chapter 9 - The Advisor[]

FSS Kentares NR-001
Kentares- Class Corvette / Ram Ship
Durna System
Lyran Commonwealth


""Sometimes, your future hits you in the face.""


[Fighter deck, 24 hours from the Zenith point]

There were several crewmen in attendance, this was part of Francois' punishment, after all but, even in the FSN, there are those who could communicate more clearly. Men and women from worlds or situations that leave an..unfortunate...accent, or those seeking to add a handful of school credits.

Plus, ship duty is boring.

by default, a Junior (or even senior) officer can find him or her self teaching a class-both for points toward promotion, and to assist lower-ranking personnel in gaining their promotion points.

Eleven crewmen were in attendance, and one guest officer, for 'basic french elocution 098, Speech and debate'.

Why not? Francois had actually led the Academy Debate team for three years, and during his ground duty time, he volunteered at local schools, coaching debate clubs-all good for his career in the AFFC, and good for the image of the Aviation arm.

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