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Chapter 6 - The Advisor[]

FSS Kentares NR-001
Kentares- Class Corvette / Ram Ship
Durna Naval Shipyard
Durna System
Lyran Commonwealth


"Lyran Competence 0 Results found,  did you mean Lyran Incompetence? 150,000 entries for Lyran Incompetence"

-Fednet Joke machine, Circa 3067...


PO Niles Boothe's family served the Federated Suns for more than three centuries as able spacers in the transport command.  His great Uncle Niles, whom he had never met, was an engineering chief on an Overlord DropShip during the Fedcom Civil War. His father was an executive officer on a Monolith-Class JumpShip...and he knew exactly what their distinguished guest had said when his team came out of the airlock to secure the umbilical. Only to find it already not only secured but, pressurized.

Not in any specific words, mind.  NO...but he knew a 'where in the hell were you' posture when he saw it-there were enough officers in his immediate family that what Commander McCoy was doing, right down to the floating posture, was an immediately recognizable thing, and he felt like he was right back to ten years old at Galax, facing down his Father for being out late with the other boys instead of studying for an academy entrance exam.

"...had it rigged, this is gonna be an easy cruise..."  Private Ludley was saying.

"You guys don't get it."  Boothe spoke up.

"Get what? They had it set up for us. Like we were honored guests!"
"No.  She spanked us." Boothe enunciated, "Like children, for being late and unprepared.  There were two naval officers and one Warrant on that pier, and those two officers had a seven-ton universal umbilical rigged, locked, and pressed while we were still dinking with our suits in the airlock."

"They always wear those suits-"

"Yeah, but they don't always wear the dress uniforms on top of 'em!" Boothe insisted. "You want to think about this before you open your mouth again?  Two senior officers rigged that umbilical while the bosun team was still getting their pants on, and they did it without any mistakes, on a hull they've never really spent training time learning!"

"oh Shit, here he goes..."
muttered someone. "Put your suits back on, we're doing drills on the hull until departure!  Passes are cancelled."

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