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Chapter 21 - The Advisor[]

The Warrior's Hall, New Syrtis
New Syrtis Star System
Federated Suns

"...getting into the Naval program isn't what it used to be." Captain Francois LaFayette announced, "You're going to be tested in ways that Aeropilots, 'mechwarriors and other ground forces never even dreamed of...for which, you won't get the social prominence, and you won't get the prestige, and you will get long hours and some of the most academically and intellectually stressful challenges you can imagine-and a few you can't."

He looked at the hall full of applicants, "Some of you, will wash out. Wash down to Mechwarrior, Aerospace pilot, tanker, or infantry."  He paused for emphasis, "That's right. I said wash out and drop down to more prestigious, famous, celebrated roles."

He propped a Halligan rescue-tool on his shoulder, "Some of you, if you survive long enough, will die before you're promoted past recruit.  Space is dangerous.  In the Navy, you will face dangers ground warfare specialists can't even imagine.  You will have experiences your family back home can't imagine.  This is what I'm selling; hardship, boredom, bowels-chilling excitement, the power to make a real difference, and the kind of experiences the uninitiated can't even comprehend, but I'm also selling the hardest work you've ever imagined in an environment of three dimensional warfare and five dimensional travel.  The Fleet is the Blood of the armed forces, and the antibodies in that blood.  We're not just hauling ground-pounders here."

He leaned on the tool like a cane, "That's my pitch, boys and girls, you can aspire to be another Mechwarrior, or tank driver. You can seek out a fighter slot-if you can get it-but if you're up to facing a real challenge. A true test, without the prestige or the parades, if you're up to a hard life in a vital role, talk to your advisor about a Naval career path.  Keep in mind, it's not for weaklings or sissies."

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