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Custom Design
Designer MekTek
Production information
Manufacturer Luthien Armor Works - OmniMech Production Facility
Model TEN-81
Class Heavy
Technical specifications
Mass 65 Tons
Chassis Alshain 72 Standard
Armor StarSlab/S Reactive
Engine Vlar 300
Speed 85.01 km/h
Jump Jets Icarus
BV (1.0) N/A
BV (2.0) N/A


With the advent of Rotary Autocannons in 3062, a mad dash within the Inner Sphere to create 'Mechs utilizing the new technology had begun. Once reports of a new RAC-using 'Mech from the Free Worlds League, dubbed the "Talos", crossed the Draconis Combine, DCMS engineers were quick to counter with a heavy fast-attack OmniMech design, dubbed Tenchi. Named after one of the 'Mech's development staff, the Tenchi has a unique appearance, resembling the front half of an attack helicopter mounted upon reverse-joint legs.

Tenchi means Sky and Ground in Japanese.

Built upon an Alshain frame and powered by a reliable Vlar 300 engine, the 65-ton Tenchi is capable of a top speed just over 85 km/h and is protected by a whopping nineteen tons of StarSlab/S (Special) Reactive armor. Pilots must take special care not to expose the Tenchi's rear to enemies, as that section of the 'Mech is much weaker, even compared to other 'Mechs. Finally, a set of Icarus jump jets allows the Tenchi to leap just short of 130 meters.


The Tenchi was designed first and foremost as a DCMS Rotary Autocannon vehicle, and as such the 'Mech carries a pair of Myrdon Model RC Rotary AC/2s, each with an additional ton of ammo, allowing for long-range barrages as the 'Mech closes in on its target. These cannons are accompanied by four Argra 3L Medium Lasers for close-range punch, and two Sperry-Browning Machine Gun clusters to handle infantry. A Guardian ECM Suite minimizes the chances the Tenchi will be detected early as it begins its attacks.


Similar to other new designs, the Tenchi has not yet had time to turn up widespread variants.


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