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TRO Syberia (Cover Art)
Technical Readout: Syberia
Product information
Type Technical Readout
Primary writing Herbert A. Beas II
(Assisted by)
Giovanni Blasini
Pages 227
Cover artwork Herbert A. Beas II
Illustrations Herbert A. Beas II
Jason Coffey (Miniatures)
Luciora (Miniatures)
Publication information
Product code via Google Drive Download Link
First published November 19th, 2022
Content Unique Vehicles
Aerospace Fighters
Battle Armor
Construction Rules
RPG Characters Creation
Era Dark Age Era
Timeline 3120s


Technical Readout: Syberia (abbreviated TRO:Syberia) is a unique combination Technical Readout & Sourcebook written by BattleTech Freelance writer, Herbert A. Beas II. The book centers on world of Syberia within the California Nebula spinward of the Inner Sphere. The book is written as a follow up report written by a lost Interstellar Expeditions group whom was found themselves stranded in the Nebula's impenetrable confines to revisit this world. This report was part of their continued investigation of the nebula in search of a habitable world. The decision was made that before settling down, they would revisit the lost colony of humans, whose technology rivaled that of the Star League. Among their achievements, they created a "race" of nearly sapient automatic machines with whom they waged their creators' wars endlessly, which themselves killed each side's creators centuries before.

The book is a fan sequel to the non-canon Adventure Sourcebook, Welcome to Nebula California, giving more detail to the Parody to the 1980s Cartoon show, the Transformers.

It features rules allowing a player to wargame and roleplaying as these mighty self-thinking automated machines using A Time of War RPG Rules and regular table top game play with Total Warfare (Table Top Combat Rules).

Also available is the full story behind the Sourcebook/Technical Readout itself, the Endless Loop (A Syberian Vignette).

Publisher's Description[]

"Technical Readout: Syberia is a fan-made sourcebook for use with Total Warfare as well as A Time of War: The BattleTech Role-Playing Game, and the A Time of War Companion. Specifically designed as an expansion on the official (but non-canon) April 1 holiday setting known as the California Nebula Anomalous Zone, as described in electronically published Welcome to the Nebula California. The rules and descriptions in this book presume the players are familiar with the terms and rules for both the tabletop war game and the role-playing systems presented in Total Warfare and A Time of War, as well as the expansions Tactical Operations, Strategic Operations, and Interstellar Operations.

The general information contained here provides the tools needed for players to explore the official—but entirely non-canonical setting of Syberia, as was presented in Welcome to the Nebula California, the 2015 April Fool’s Day PDF published by Catalyst Game Labs. While the author of this tome is one and the same as the one who first wrote of Syberia in the aforementioned product, the following is strictly fan-based, and in no way intended to infringe on Catalyst Game Labs’ BattleTech license or copyrights. I did this for fun, folks, not money!

That being said, this fan project, though ostensibly presented as a Technical Readout, is broken up into major sections: Endless Loop (the opening fiction I hope you already enjoyed; see the rest of that tale on the official Fanfic Boards), the Introduction, The Syberia System, Technical Readout, and Syberian Rules Annex.

The Introduction section sets the timeline this book is set in and establishes the in-character narrative from which this Technical Readout comes to be.

The Syberia System covers a detailed, in-character overview of the Syberia solar system, the planet Syberia itself, its history, and a review of its present state as of the early 3120s. Included in this section is a run-down of the main factions caught up in Syberia’s ongoing war, and how they are doing thus far.

The Technical Readout is, of course, what the meat of this product is all about, providing stats for a broad range of known Syberian AutoMech and autonomous unit “models,” including common variants, design quirks, and a summary listing of notable AutoMechs of each model.

Finally, the Syberian Rules Annex defines the rules modifications for A Time of War and Total Warfare that give the Syberian robots


This book is not a canon product. While following construction rules for BattleTech, the unique "Auto"Mech featured are convert like Land Air Mechs, but into any type ground, sea, or air vehicle. With Ai Robot Controls which are depicted as illegal Quirks.


  • Endless Loop (Short Story)
  • Introduction
  • Planetary / Star System Profile
    • Anatomy of a Solar System
    • History of the Syberia System
    • The Major Factions of Syberia
  • AutoMech / MiniMech Profiles & Stats
  • Technical Supplement: Non-'Mech AutoMechs and Support Vehicles
  • Rules Annex
    • The AutoMechs of Syberia
    • Role-playing Rules
    • Construction Rules
  • Frequent Construction Questions


  • Permission was given to upload this book to the wiki.
  • All drawn art was drawn/created by Herb Beas. Most miniatures featured in this book were modded and painted by Luciora.
  • The book contains hundreds of entries into AutoMechs/MiniMechs(Battle Armor)/and non-Mech designs not individually listed in this article.
  • This book was created by Herb A. Beas II as a passion project which started on the BattleTech Forums. The project grew as other community members contributed to ideas as well created miniature art and stats for the 'mechs featured in this book. Its origin came from fan writer, Giovanni Blasini, whom own Syberia based story Exile in Syberia needed additional mechs for the story and started design forum which motivated Herb, the original author of the Drones of Syberia to make this sequel/expansion to his own story.

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