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TRO Shadows of War (Cover)
Technical Readout: Shadows of War
Product information
Type Technical Readout
Primary writing Javier Antón Novella
Agustín Sieiro
Ángel Sala
Pages 78
Cover artwork Alex Iglesias
Illustrations Anthony Scroggings
David Gómez
Eric Ou
Justin Nelson
David White
Alex Iglesias
Matt Plog,
Agustín Sieir.
Publication information
Product code Download Link
First published June 17th, 2015
Content General
Era Succession Wars Era
FedCom Civil War Era
Jihad Era
Timeline 3080


Technical Readout: Shadows of War (abbreviated TRO: SoW), is a fan produced TRO created by a group of International Battletech fans. The book is written as in-universe Military Reference Guide to new and prototype Mechs and Combat Vehicles not seen canon from multiple eras.

The publication was printed in two editions, Spanish and English, with associated Record Sheets book using Solaris Skunk Werks.

The book covers most general and experimental types introduced during the Jihad canon time period, including Superheavy BattleMechs, primitive, and Support Vehicles posing as primitive vehicles.

Publication Description[]

Get into the Shadows!

It appeared that peace arrived in 3080 after many years of war. Finally, information could be gathered about units that fought in the Jihad. These unknown designs have arisen from the shadows. We have also received more data regarding the fall of the Star League, with new units that fought in that war.

The Technical Readout Shadows of War 1.0 is the translated version of a much bigger Spanish Fan-Made TRO. You will enjoy mechs of all eras, combat vehicles and unusual units.


This book is purely fan-based, however features some artists whom have created canon images for units found in Battletech canon.


  • Introduction/Credits/Table of Content
  • Shadows of War [Short Story]
  • Table of Content

Combat Vehicles[]

  • Atila (VTOL) [Jihad]
  • Horus (VTOL) [Jihad]
  • Cannas (WIGE) [Jihad]
  • Hestia (Hover) [Star League]
  • Drude (Wheeled) [Star League]
  • Lorix (Wheeled) [Jihad]
  • Manta Ray (WIGE) [Jihad]
  • Dinju (WIGE) [Jihad]
  • Piton (Tracked JumpTank) [Jihad]
  • Sprinter (Tracked) [Star League]
  • Bandua (Tracked) [Jihad]
  • Crótalo (Tracked JumpTank) [Jihad]


  • Caribdis (Light) [Star League]
  • Minuteman (Medium) [Star League]
  • Ifasteio (Medium) [Star League]
  • Spirit Vision (Clan Medium) [Clan Golden Age]
  • Mosquito (Medium) [Star League]
  • Temujin (Medium) [Star League]
  • Flammenwerfer (Heavy) [Jihad]
  • Lavi (Clan Heavy) [Jihad]
  • Ookami (Heavy) [Star League]
  • Maus (Assault) [Jihad]
  • Pershing (Assault) [Jihad]
  • Polaris (Assault) [Star League]
  • Akula (Clan Assault) [Jihad]
  • Mouro (Assault) [Star League]
  • Musashi (Assault) [Jihad]
  • Pitcairn (Assault) [Jihad]
  • Storm Giant (Assault) [Clan Golden Age]
  • Spitfire (Medium LAM) [Star League]
  • Reaper (Medium LAM) [Star League]
  • Super Longbow (SuperHeavy BattleMech) [Jihad]
  • Strela (Support FixWinged Vehicle) [Star League]
  • Shadows of War - Size Reference Chart

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  • This Technical Readout was original started as project in 2011 principally with Spanish based Battletech fans and moving t