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Technical Readout 3048 (Cover)
Technical Readout: Fan Council 3048
Product information
Type Technical Readout
Development Matt “Sulla” Heerdt
Pages 65
Cover artwork Franz Vohwinkel
Illustrations Paul “AkalabethAngel” Brown
Jeymes “Of_Monkeys” Hall
Dane “Genosaurer” Obelcz
Joel Biske
Jim Nelson (Ink)
Dana Knutson
Duane Loose
Chris Lewis
Matt Plog
Publication information
Product code via Google Drive Download Link
First published 2005
Content Vehicles
Battle Armor
Era Late Succession Wars
Early Clan Invasion Era
Timeline 3048


Technical Readout: Fan Council 3048 (abbreviated TRO:FC3048), is a fan produced TRO created by a RPG Battletech fan group, which project was over seen by Matt "Sulla" Heerdt. They feature 'Mechs/Battle Armor/DropShips variants which were uniquely made for this book. These units were created for Alternated Universe they had dubbed "Fan Council". However, this is not a formal setting.

Publisher's Description[]

This Technical Readout is based on the fan-run BattleTech universe commonly called the Fan Council. It is a role-playing game ran on the Classic BattleTech forums at www.classicbattletech. com/forums. This particular iteration of the game was set in 3048, just before the Clan Invasion of the Inner Sphere. As part of the game, players can create custom configurations of canon BattleMechs for their characters to use. This book presents some of those custom ‘Mechs.

Outside of the Fan Council game, these designs may be of little use. This book does, however, serve as a sort of tribute to all the work and effort that was put into the game. For those of you that played and submitted your design, I hope you like seeing your design ‘in print.’ For others reading this, take a second and check out the Fan Council game! You might like it and as always, the more the merrier!


This book is not a canon product. However. the mechs & dropships used are canon, just non-canon variants.


  • Introduction

Altering the Elements[]

  • Djerassi Battle Armor
  • Proto-Undine Battle Armor

Inner Sphere 'Mechs[]

  • Grasshopper GHR-5-SHJ
  • Warhammer WHM-6DR
  • Awesome AWS-10Q-JF
  • Victor VTR-9AC-RC
  • Victor VTR-9SI-AK
  • BattleMaster BLR-1GT
  • BattleMaster BLR-1HD
  • Katana CRK-5003-2OS
  • Atlas AS7-CS
  • Atlas AS7-ZL

Clan 'Mechs[]

  • Hellbringer Faraday
  • Timber Wolf Kerensky
  • Summoner Lienet
  • Thunder Stallion Mitchell
  • Warhawk Anwen
  • Dire Wolf Campbell

Experimental Tech[]

  • Enforcer ENF-NAIS-WC
  • Marauder MAD-NAIS-WC
  • Ostroc OSR-2X-ADF
  • Warhammer WHM-6X-ADF


  • Mule DropShip - Descendant of Prometheus
  • Union DropShip - ComStar Refit


  • Technology/Construction Rules used for this book have changed since it's publishing. While the some at time of the game were truly experimental / advanced technology, they are not so in later eras.
  • As of this Writing, none of the units listed in this book have record sheets currently available to use/download.
  • Canon Art was used for this project, the artists are noted

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