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Technical Readout: 3071 Faberystwyth Militia
Product information
Type Technical Readout
Primary writing Unknown
Pages 16
Cover artwork None
Illustrations Computer Generated (unknown source)
Publication information
Product code Wiki Google Drive Link to - TRO:3071 Download
First published 2007(?)
Content Mini-TRO
Era Jihad Era
Timeline 3071


This is a fan Technical Readout produced in the theme of a intelligence report of a planetary militia unit assets operating on the canon Lyran world of Aberystwyth. Set in year 3071, the units featured were in use since early 31st Century.

The computer graphics used to produce the original images of the vehicles/mechs/aerospace units in the book was primitive (except the WarShip). However, units covered by the book are unique, functional, and have colorful write ups and abilities.


  • Dove-Class Utility Helicopter - UH-212 (VTOL)
  • Oldsmobile Cutlass Police Interceptor (Wheeled Combat Vehicle)
  • Dieter Attack VTOL - AH-125 (VTOL)
  • Panache-Class Coast Guard Cutter (Naval Combat Vehicle)
  • System-Class Patrol Cruiser (Naval Combat Vehicle)
  • LST-47T Last Rites (Assault BattleMech)
  • Indianapolis-Class Corvette/Raider (WarShip)


No cover art was created for this publication.