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TRO3069OrionAero (Cover).png
Technical Readout: 3069 Orion Aerospace LTD
Product information
Type Technical Readout
Author Johannes Mohr
Pages 18
Cover artwork Mark Mohr
Illustrations Fan Artist
  • Unspecified
Publication information
Product code Battletech Fanon Wiki Online Storage Link
First published 2022
Content General
Era Jihad Era
Timeline 3060+
Series Arrow


Technical Readout: 3069 Orion Aerospace LTD (abbreviated TRO69Orion), is a third volume fan project with a Aerospace focus & weapons/equipment. The TRO was created by Johannes Mohr. The first book was created with original art created by the author using 3D Software and free art from the internet.

The book is the continuation of a corporate profile of a Federated Commonwealth Aerospace company, show products being offered by the company. The founded reserved FedCom officer, Major Johannes Mohr.


The book should be seen as parallel history to existing canon.


  • AF-47 Lightning (Heavy Aerospace Fighter)
  • ER Gauss Rifle - "EGauss" Ballistic Weapon
  • Arrow VB Missile - Artillery Missile
  • Oden Class Aerodyne Assault DropShip
  • Mercury IIC/M Class Armed JumpShip
  • Neptune IIC/M Class Armed JumpShip
  • Mk1 Torpedo - Light Capital Missile
  • Watchdog SDS Class Space Station
  • Arrow V Missile - New version the Artillery Missile
  • Mule-IIC/P/T Class Cargo DropShip
  • ExecJet Class Luxury DropShip

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  • Art used in the book was taken from public sources or made by author.