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TRO62OA (Cover Art)
Technical Readout: 3062 Orion Aerospace LTD
Product information
Type Technical Readout
Author Johannes Mohr
Pages Book 1 - 16
Book 2 - 11
Cover artwork Mark Mohr
Illustrations Fan Artist
  • Unspecified
Publication information
Product code Battletech Fanon Wiki Online Storage Link
First published
Content General
Era Civil War Era
Timeline 3060+
Series Arrow


Technical Readout: 3062 Orion Aerospace LTD (abbreviated TR62OA), is a two volume fan project with a Aerospace focus & weapons/equipment. The TRO was created by Johannes Mohr. The first book was created with original art created by the author using 3D Software and free art from the internet.

The book is corporate profile of a Federated Commonwealth Aerospace company, show products being offered by the company. The founded reserved FedCom officer, Major Johannes Mohr.

In book 1, is Technical Readout profiles written up on Aerospace based vehicles from Aerospace Fighters to Jumpships Orion offers from it's orbital Shipyards in New Avalon system.

In book 2, the Addendum features additional items sold/manufactured by the company in the form of newly re-discovered weapons systems offered by the company (with rules how to use them.). The equipment for the book works with BattleMechs as well as Aerospace Units as well.

Publisher's Description[]

"'When I founded this company in May 3047, it was my intention to not merely re-hash and refit

old designs, but to create new ones. Using a combination of recovered Star League technology and revived 21st century Terran technology, our designs incorporate features not found in the products of any other company.

This innovative concept has resulted in vessels with unprecedented capabilities, at costs comparable to the re-hashed designs of other companies. It was my intention to give the Federated Commonwealth and it’s allies a technological edge over their foes, real and potential. I like to think that I, and the thousands of others that work here, have accomplished that goal.

Within these pages you will find the history and policies of Orion Aerospace LTD, and a technical readout of each of our products. This file can serve as a catalogue from which to order our aerospace fighters, dropships and jumpships. Our rapid growth over the last fifteen years is thanks to a group of investors that has the vision and foresight to fund such an endeavor. - Major Johannes Mohr, 3062'"



The book should be seen as parallel fan supplement, which does not change Battletech history other than offering fan made aerospace units in the existing canon universe.


Book 1 - Aerospace Units[]

  • AF-14 Badger (Medium Aerospace Fighter)
  • AF-16 Falcon (Medium Aerospace Fighter)
  • Thor Class Mech Carrier Dropship
  • Valkyrie Class Assault DropShip
  • Mercury Class JumpShip
  • Neptune Class JumpShip

Book 2 - Weapons & Equipment[]

  • TargeTrak II TTS - Plugin External mounted Targeting Equipment
  • DuoTrak FCS - Firing Control System
  • Arrow V Missile - New version the Artillery Missile
  • LRM-X / SRM-X Munitions - Optional High Damage Ammunition
  • Hawkeye FCS - Improved Missile based fire control, Replacing Artemas IV
  • Black Knight EWS - Improved Electronic Jamming Suite
  • Laser TAG Units - Man-Portable & Long-Range Aircraft Mounted TAG units
  • Laser Cannon - Mech-scale energy Weapon

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  • Art used in the book was taken from public sources or made by author.

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