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Custom Design
Designer MekTek
Production information
Manufacturer Gibson Federated BattleMechs
Model TLS-1
Class Assault
Technical specifications
Mass 80 Tons
Chassis SunStrider Standard
Armor Strasbourg Armaments' Bastion Reactive Armor w/ CASE
Engine Pitban 320 XL
Speed 64.8 km/h
Jump Jets None
  • 2 x Rotary AC/2s
  • 2 x Rotary AC/5s
  • 2 x Rocket Launcher 20s
  • 1 x Laser Anti-Missile System
BV (1.0) N/A
BV (2.0) N/A


In 3062, the Free Worlds League set out to experiment with a radical new 'Mech design built around the newly-developed Rotary Autocannon. The project, dubbed Talos, gained its moniker from the legendary Greek "Man of Bronze" of the same name. Resembling an overgrown Uziel, the Talos is built upon a Standard frame with seventeen and a half tons of Strasbourg Armaments' new Reactive Armor, giving the 'Mech incredible protection against ballistics- or missile-heavy opposition. Inside, a Pitban 320 XL propels the Talos at 64.8 km/h, average for its weight. The Talos is not initially configured for jump jets, but has the necessary components for after-market installation.

Ironically, while this 'Mech was designed to be a never-before-seen threat on the battlefield, its production came after that of a Clan BattleMech with very similar features and design aim, the Deimos.


Designed primarily as a 'Mech that would endure in hot, heat sink-crippling environments, the Talos is armed with a setup of twin-linked Myrdon Tornado Rotary AC/2s and Rotary AC/5s, each with an additional ton of CASE-protected ammunition. This allows the pilot to sustain a barrage of cannon fire at multiple ranges, although restraint must be exercised to keep the weapons from jamming. To add close-combat punch, the Talos features two Rocket Launcher 20 racks affixed to the shoulder joints, although carries no additional ammunition. As a defensive measure, the Talos features a Laser Anti-Missile System.


The Talos' recent production has resulted in no widely-seen alternate configurations as of yet.


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