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Tall Tales (cover art)
Tall Tales
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Type Independent Stories & Linked Stories
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Content Drama
War Stories
Political Intrigue
Era Star League Era
Succession Wars Era
Clan Invasion Era
Jihad Era
Dark Age Era
Series 2


Tall Tales is a collection of stand-alone & loosely linked stories written by BattleTech Fan Author, JA Baker/Starbug.

These stories are based in the Alternate Universes of the BattleTech universe. Tall Tales is usually written where characters tell various unusual tales they lived or heard, each with it's own unique themes.

Originally written among the Tall Tales series is trilogy of linked short stories set in the, which centers around JA Baker's mercenary band lead by woman known only as Joker, her team named Deadman's Hand. The story originally started off as as short stories but was additional stories were made into a series Forum posts of much longer/lengthier stories of Joker and her Mercenary Company.

He has published his collection of short stories on under the collective name Creepypasta Anthology

Differences in Canon[]

Various. Each entry's theme can vary from story to story.

Author's Description[]

  • As told by the Author -
"''Tall Tales is the collective name for stuff I've written that consists of some stories that are at least somewhat interconnected, but they're supposed to be the kind of stories you hear people swap at a bar when it's so late it's almost early. As such, at the same time, they both share and don't share continuity.''"

Individual Short Stories[]

Joker-verse Stories[]

The Jokerverse is JA Baker's own Alternate Universe which centers around the Mercenary Band, Joker and Dead Man's Hand. A specialize mercenary unit under taking missions deemed impossible. This universe also shares aspects/characters from Cannonshop's Ngoverse AU.

Jokerverse AU Cover Art

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Wiki Notes[]

Since having been given permission to published / archives his works. I have collected as many of his stories he wrote that I could find.

On August 24th, 2022 JA Baker / Starbug pasted away, his final story (known) was Ultima Ratio Regum.