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The Wind at my Back, Stars at my feet Chapter (Cover Art)

Chapter 8 - The Wind at my Back, Stars at my feet[]

After five minutes, Diamh had enough. "Turn it off."

"They're intentionally targeting civilians, Mum." Amanda said quietly.

"It's not our business."

"Mum, They're targeting Civilians. ******, They're Bragging about it."

"RTO, blackbox a message, highest priority home...we can't await orders, we don't have backup, but someone needs to know. send the astrographic data. it should arrive sometime next year."

"Aye mum."

"Send transcription of my logs up to this point too." Diamh ordered. "Sweet jesus..." she regarded Amanda. "We don't have the ships, or the firepower..."

"They're not expecting us." Amanda noted. "They aren't expecting us, and they aren't expecting further resistance, their main battleship is holding position, and they're not looking at the outer system."

but do we interfere? It hung in the air, the real question. do we interfere?

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