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The Wind at my Back, Stars at my feet Chapter (Cover Art)

Chapter 37 - The Wind at my Back, Stars at my feet[]

Dear Mom and Dad

We realized we wouldn't be able to evade them without abandoning the civilians. Captain Diamh made us take a vote, and I guess we could have tried to go for home. We didn't.

We know we're not going to make it, but maybe they will. This isn't what I wanted, honest, but when you're presented with a choice between your beliefs and surviving? Sometimes you have to go with what you believe is right.

Tomorrow, we go to war, and we're outnumbered, outgunned, out-teched, and likely to lose. Cimbral's asleep. Pat would have liked her, I think. I have worked out the transition, it's going to be a seven second window right into the middle of their formation. We don't have the long-range munitions to try a stand-off fight, so we're going for the concentration with the highest rank in hopes that they focus on us.

I wanted to tell you I got my Cert stamped. I wanted to tell you that I wanted to be an explorer, not a soldier

I guess I was afraid, Dad. Afraid you'd be disappointed, afraid that mom would be disappointed that I would rather walk the unknown roads with a solar wind at my back and stars beneath my feet, than stay at home and be a Duchess.

I know you must be disappointed and I am sorry you're going to be sad, but sometimes you have to do the hard thing, and this is a very hard thing. Someone has to stand up, and this time it's us.

I love you both and tell Pat I love him too.

Tell him I'm sorry, I won't be there when he takes his Trial of Position.

Tell Uncle Henry I'll miss his stories and tell the cousins in Sibko that I went in to this with my eyes open.



This concludes The Wind at my Back, Stars at my Feet. However, the story continues on with other characters & family members of the AU. Focus on Amanda's brother, Patrick in I used to Dream.

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