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The Wind at my Back, Stars at my feet Chapter (Cover Art)

Chapter 31 - The Wind at my Back, Stars at my feet[]

KCGS Mila Weintraub...

Workspace is always an issue when your workforce isn't used to wearing suits.

The naval yards at luna were pretty good about using modular structure, dismantling the needed hull sections to get the ammunition magazines opened and salvage work going went fairly quickly. Within a few days, camps on larger, water-rich asteroids were in place and the less capable dropships were making runs to the wrecked Aegis.

Food stocks were going to be a problem long-term, but there were enough coming off of 'Honor' and certain areas of Haven to stockpile and distribute, and enough horror stories to have a fairly steady stream of refugees escaping occupied zones on the planets.

For better or worse, the lesson had been learned by the Blood Spirit survivors; Planets are traps, a barrel into which an enemy can shoot at leisure, and even distance was no protection when your enemies will travel over a month out of their territory on a mission of murder.

One of the nice things about having the Honor trade coming, was restocks of paper.

"Ngo, you have that book your ancestor wrote?" Captain asks.

"Aye, mum."

"Care to print out a few hundred copies with the rest of the survival pamphlets?" Sam asked.

" that a good use of resources?" Amanda asked, "I mean, we're over fifty thousand refugees and the first burrows aren't even fifty percent complete yet..."

"They'll want it." Sam told her, "I keep getting asked about who Kowloon is-it seems the Blood Spirit leadership didn't go in much for pre-Kerensky history, or even much for talking about the auxiliaries that aided Kerensky's campaigns, we're seeing more healthy Warrior Caste coming up now that they've gotten most of the women and kids out along with the wounded."

Amanda chewed her lower lip, "I have a file, I can print to transfer, let them have it I you think it'll matter to them though?"

Sam understood the girl's doubts. "Yah, maybe are you feeling, up for checking out the other wreck?"

"Ayeh mum, I've been working on how to manage the transition better, I think we can get a full ten second point."

"Good girl."

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