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The Wind at my Back, Stars at my feet Chapter (Cover Art)

Chapter 25 - The Wind at my Back, Stars at my feet[]

The refugees needed things, and there weren't enough things in what they clutched to themselves to go around.

Amanda undogged rigging locks, and pushed containers to the nose airlock, passing consumables across to waiting hands.

It was as good as a confession that nobody was going to be going home. passageways and corridors that were normally crammed with consumables were empty now, and every deck's bathroom was usable again, the crew had elbow-room.

"Sign for it." she presented the dropship's supply officer with a lading bill.

He scrawled a signature on it, the airlock closed. The Clanners had been shocked when 'warriors' would sacrifice their own supplies and consumables for civilians.

it wasn't enough, she knew it. "Deck four's clear, Cimbral." she reported.

"'Ayeh, logging now." Cimbral's voice in her mastoid implant was sort of sad. "We're going to run out, aren't we?"

"Ayeh." Amanda said. "Had an idea I want to check out if we end up having time."

"Something to hand up to th' Mum?"

"Ayeh. The initial assaults destroyed two Blood Spirit warships, but we know that a ship destroyed with anything short of nukes might have supplies and recoverables-and those ships had missile magazines."

"I'll pass it up to the Mum, 'Manda, a spot of salvage work might be helpful. We got locations on the wrecks?"

"Ayeh, I plotted possible short-duration points based on their tumble." Amanda said, "Too short use but it was an angle when we were prepping to fight that Nightlord."

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