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The Wind at my Back, Stars at my feet Chapter (Cover Art)

Chapter 20 - The Wind at my Back, Stars at my feet[]

It takes time for people to react..

Moira watched the shuttles make their pass. Each dropping an armored vehicle, before arcing back into the darkness of pre-dawn.

Two wheeled vehicles, hitting in a mad dash, dangerously fast landings they rolled to the woodline, forming a rough perimeter with their stunted turrets, as first suits, then men, dismounted.

The infantry were...well, light infantry. The suits were Battlesuits, but not a design she could identify.

The troops melted into the forest toward the ruins of the village, where her own, remnant group of Blood Spirits were preparing to try and mount a rescue.

"What do you think?"

"Enemies, surely, but ours, or enemies of our enemies?" Her point leader was a Solahma old enough to remember the last time Inner Sphere forces came to the Kerensky Cluster.

"We need to find out." He said firmly.

They moved out to flank the strangers, already guessing where they were headed.

The civil defense point halted at a good overlook, and she watched.

The strangers approached the village site with excellent fieldcraft, evading both improvised explosives, and the Star Adders' sensor net.

One of them even stopped and did something with one of the enemy devices, after which, the suited troops took the fore.

Filtered into the damaged site.

there was no commotion, the 'mechs pulling security for the sleeping warriors gave no reaction, not even when the lighter infantry moved in.

There were no sounds of gunshots, no alarm raised.

Then the strange infantrymen filtered out by different routes, coordinated like a single organism.

That, is when the explosions started.

Munitions, vehicles, unattended battlemechs, tools and military stores for a 'mech unit began erupting in detonations, and the alarms raised.

Only some of the barracks-tents made no movement. she switched to thermal, and gasped.

Twenty three cooling bodies, still in their beds in one tent, another with four cooling bodies, position after position, more dead Star Adders than living.

"I believe, they hate the Star Adders too." she muttered.

The final insult erupted-the water supply...catching fire.

"Who are these guys?"

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