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Chapter 2 - The Wind at my Back, Stars at my feet[]

Spider Moon CGNAS...

"...overdue." for the families of mariners since the dawn of sail, that word has a special meaning.

"What do you mean, overdue, Commodore?" Nathan Roshak is a Jade Falcon 'mechwarrior...well, he was. There's a career path in the Clans, and when you hit a certain point, and can't go any further, you end up being demoted out, 'retired' to the lower castes, or sent to the Solahma.

The fact he has a different option, is because of a diplomatic arrangement made with the Lyran Commonwealth, and his marriage to the Duchess of Kowloon.

Thus, after finishing his active service, he has become a man of many hats. Governor of the Clan enclave in Hue, Baron of Hue County, and father of two. One of his children is now overdue on a routine training exercise in the outer system. Thirty three years in the Inner Sphere and setting precedents that have perhaps altered the once most conservative of the Clans hasn't prepared this man, this Trueborn, for the depth of the anxiety that comes from being helpless and not knowing.


"We're doing everything we can, Sir. based on their last reported course, if it's a misjump?" Commodore Nicole Minh spread her hands, "They could be anywhere, but if they're within range of rescue, we will find them."

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